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Why Technology Should Be Used in Schools And its affects on education

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SRI International (n.d.). Effects of Technology on Classrooms and Students. Retrieved from

This article shows that students are more engaged in learning when they are actively performing a task, rather than just receiving instruction as in a normal educational setting. There are examples in the article of students that do not normally succeed in the average educational environment advancing faster than their peers. SRI International is a well-known research institute that employees trained experts in a broad scope of fields. The research confirms the point that when students are taught using aids such as technology, they are more engaged and willing to focus.

Capella University (n.d.). 5 Reasons to Incorporate Technology into Your Classroom. Retrieved from

Capella University’s article on the 5 Reasons to Incorporate Technology into Your Classroom supports multiple points on why teachers should implement the use of technology in an educational setting. It lists the basic reasons for the positives of having technology in a school setting. The 5 reasons it lists are that technology helps to engage students and creates students who are actively engaged, it produces individual learning and growth, helps to aid in peer collaboration, prepares scholars for the current world we live in, and helps guide teachers to be more successful and engaged teachers. Capella University provides training to teachers to make them better at implementing the use of technology in the educational environment. The article also states that technology aides in learning and individual growth, since people learn in different ways and different speeds to help students that are bored move ahead to and test out of stuff they already know.

Granberg, E. M. (2000). How Technology Enhances Teaching and Learning. Retrieved from

            This article displays multiple instances of how technology assists student comprehension in a multitude of settings. It continues and states how technology helps students access more resources than ever before. Before people where limited to what they had at their fingertips or what was in stock at the local library, now we have access to a world of information.  Granberg has experience in the technology field and know the affect having technical experience assists her point of view in the field of technology in an educational setting. Her article shows examples of technology in school from a basic form of a projector to help connect CEO’s and other highly influential people to students in classrooms across the globe, to students having access to personal technology and the resources they have available to them.

Cox, J. (2019, November 7). Benefits of Technology in the Classroom. Retrieved from

            The article comprises of how technology can affect the productivity of having/using technology in classrooms, in some instances to replace in classroom teaching. It also describes how students’ lives are constantly intertwined with technology daily and how they can use it to help them extend the learning outside the classroom. Cox has at least 7 years as an educator, working in all grades of teaching from teacher’s aide to a content creator. Now she is currently a contributing writer for multiple education and Washington Governors University. The article explains how technology aids scholars learn at their own pace with individualized learning plans. It helps create a better environment and thrives from self-starting/motivated students.

Wardlow, L. (2016, August 8). How technology can boost student engagement. Retrieved from,interesting%20and%20relevant%20to%20students.&text=With%20increased%20access%20to%20learning,even%20direct%20their%20own%20learning.

            The article from Dr. Wardlow explains how most students strive from student engagement which occurs when technology is implemented in classrooms. It states how technology may be the tool we need to use to close the gap that is caused by scholars not being engaged with the lessons and materials being taught. It also shows how using technology in schools might help with students finding relevancy in the material that is being displayed by making it more interactive. Wardlow was a former research scientist for Pearson Education, most of her time was spent on designing and researching e-learning. Dr. Wardlow’s article shows that technology creates a more engaged teacher as well as the student.

CompTIA. (2014, December 10). Students and Teachers Agree: Let’s Bring In More Tech. Retrieved from org/blog/students-and-teachers-agree-let-s-bring-in-more-tech“>

            The document states that teachers and students from all grade levels share the same thoughts on the gains of technology being in the classroom. It states that technology creates a more involved and interesting atmosphere instead of a worn-out concept of lectures where information is fed to the student. As well as how the more computer work that they are exposed to will help better them in a future where society is very dependent on technology. CompTIA is the foremost leader in technology certification and has multiple industry-leading, vendor-neutral certifications involving different facets of technology. The article displays relevancy to preparing students for the real-world situation with the ever-growing dependency on technology in college as well as in life.

Purcell, K., Rainie, L., Buchanan, J., Friedrich, L., Jacklin, A., Chen, C., & Zickuhr, K. (2012, November 1). How Teens Do Research in the Digital World. Retrieved from

The cited article explains how multiple instances of research/surveys say teachers notice that technology has helped students with research because of the vast knowledge base they have access to. It states how the internet/technology has enhanced how scholars research any given topic compared to only having a library or books to draw from. Most students will choose search engines such as Google to perform most of the research for any given topic. Purcell has over twenty years of experience researching non-profit and policy research. This article correlates with the statement that technology granting students access to a much broader source of information.

Richmond, A. S., & Troisi, J. D. (2018, December 12). Technology in the Classroom: What the Research Tells Us. Retrieved from

The article shows that there are many things that a student can gain from using technology in the classroom. A scholar with a learning disability that might not be diagnosed can benefit from many applications that can help them take notes such as voice to text or helping someone study for a test with applications like Quizlet or Remind. It states that the gains outweigh the cons in every situation. Dr. Richmond has an extensive background in psychology and how studying different ways and with different tools affects how we retain information. This article directly relates to the statement to encourage more involved students as well as teachers

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