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Where Appropriate You Shall Introduce A Company, Give Company Data Or Description And Site The Communication Issue Or Problem Or Any Communication Phenomenon According To The Attached Document; But Also Remember;

MGF 5921 Foundations in Human Resource Management
Review of key points for Week 12 in-class essay
The purpose of this lecture is to
! Identify key themes and concepts discussed during the semester with a focus on weeks 7-12
! Relate these to the knowledge and concepts you need to successfully complete the Week 12 in class essay
Learning objectives
The essay quote:
” What we give our people is more than a job – here you will make a difference. We are the right people, at the right moment, with the right resources, to do extraordinary things for society, businesses and individuals……..we’re taking a values-led approach to driving engagement and collaboration, as well as embracing generational change and diversity…. We [want]…… employees with the skills and passion to best serve our markets. Through all of this we aim to create a brilliant, connected workplace for our people.” (
The essay question
The question can be interpreted as follows:
Choose 3 HR activities from the following topics Managing Diversity and Work- life Balance; Performance Management; Learning and Development; Employee Development and Career Management and Rewards) as outlined in Parts 3 & 4 of Kramar et al 2014. Then
• Explain how your chosen activities work together to help both Telstra and its employees to achieve their goals.
• To support your essay response you must include
• Reference to HRM theories, models and concepts covered this semester AND
• Material covered in lectures in weeks 7-12. AND
• Concepts and ideas found in readings from weeks 7-12
• Earlier readings as appropriate eg Barney and Wright 1998 4
Resources for answering the question: Readings from Weeks 7-12
Mountford, H. (2013), I’ll take care of you: the use of supportive work practices to retain older workers. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, Vol 51, pp. 272-291 (retention, diversity, development/meeting employees’ needs).
Hutchings, K., DeCieri, H. and Shea, T. (2011). Employee attraction and retention in the Australian resources sector, Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol 43, No 1, pp. 83-101 (attraction and retention; meeting employees’ needs). OR
Wallace, M., Lings, I. and Cameron, R. (2012). Industry branding: attracting talent to weaker profile industries. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, Vol 50, No: 4, 483-502 (attraction/development/careers).
Hurst, J. & Good, L. (2009). Generation Y and career choice: The impact of retail career perceptions, expectations and entitlement perceptions, Career development international, Vol. 14, No. 6, pp. 570-593 (careers, employee expectations). OR
Holland, P., Sheehan, C., & DeCieri, H. (2007). Attracting and retaining talent: Exploring human resources development trends in Australia. Human Resource Development International, Vol 10, No 3, pp. 247-262 (employee development, employee and org. needs). OR
Jones, J., Whitaker, M., Seet, P. and Parkin, J. (2012). Talent management in practice in Australia: individualistic or strategic? An exploratory study. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, Vol 50, No: 4, 399-420 (Performance management, strategic HRM, individual development).
Fischer, K., Gross, S.E., & Friedman, H.M. (2003). Marriott makes the business case for an innovative total reward strategy. Journal of Organizational Excellence, Vol. 22, No. 2, Spring, pp.19-24 (Total rewards).
McCormack, D., Djurkovic, N. & Casimir, G. (2013) Workplace bullying: the experiences of building and construction apprentices, Asia Pacific journal of human resources, Vol. 51, No. pp. 406-420 (wellbeing and bullying).
Resources for answering the question: Readings from Weeks 7-12

Other resources: Parts 3 & 4 from Kramar et al 2014 & the lectures weeks 7-12
Part 3 Developing People – Managing Diversity and Work Life Balance
» We did this in Week 4 but it has also been taken up in Week 7 Work Design, Weeks 8 & 9 attraction & retention of talent
– Performance Management » Week 10 but also discussed in other weeks re need for
feedback in retention and development – Learning and Development
» Week 9 but in other weeks as well eg attraction and retention and performance management
– Employee Development and Career Management » As above
Part 4 Rewarding People – Focus mainly on Chapter 14 and equity theory in Ch 13
What to look out for in your preparation: Important underlying ideas that explain HRM
• People are important and valuable to the firm • HRM activities should be designed to get the best
out of people to benefit the company • Employee needs may be met along the way
– This relates to the RBV of the firm – SHRM can be used to achieve this – We may see both soft and hard HRM
We have two models of HRM – the Harvard Model and the Strategic HRM (choose one if you want to)
Harvard Model • Assumes people are an
organisational asset whose needs must be met along side those of the business and society
• Employee well-being an end in itself • Plural interests • Associated with soft HRM
SHRM Model • Assumes a linkage between
organisational strategy and HR strategy to achieve organisational outcomes/goals
• Employee well-being a means to an end
• Mutuality of interests (unitarism) between employers and employees
• Associated with hard HRM (but may have soft as well)
Important underlying theories that explain HRM
•Can you link these ideas to the Telstra quote?
Here are some suggestions:
• HRM (what model does the quote assume?) used to align HRM activities with business strategy
• However HRM activities are assumed to impact on individual behaviour (by meeting needs) leading to organisational performance
• Concepts to explain individual responses to HRM such as psychological contract, work motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic) eg Rewards Management, Retention and Development
• HRM impacts on attitudes leading to commitment, engagement and performance eg Performance Management, Diversity, Worklife, Retention and Development
HRM models assume that HRM meets employer and employee needs
Employee needs = Intrinsic motivation (soft HRM)
• “subjective rewards from doing work well….particularly feelings of accomplishment, growth, development, self-esteem and personal satisfaction…” (Lawler & Hall, 1970:306 cited in White & Bryson, 2013:387).
This is linked to values or employees’ personal values that
• Define needs and needs in turn provide the basis for goals which lead to action (behaviour)
• Form the basis of attitudes & emotions that lead to • Identification with and commitment to the organisation
Meeting these needs is the focus of many of the HRM activities discussed in Parts 3 & 4 of the text and weeks 7-12 of the lectures
How do you reference your ideas
You can refer to the text book chapters as follows
• Eg 䇾Kramar et al 2014 discuss the importance of performance management to…….
You can refer to the weekly readings weeks 7 onwards
• Eg 䇾Fischer points to the importance of a total rewards approach….䇿 You can refer to earlier readings • Eg Edgar and Gear make the distinction between….. You can refer to material from you research project
You need to cite references to support your ideas and this will gain you marks if you cite references as above
You do not need to write a reference list at the end of the essay

Next week
Come to class ON TIME
Be prepared and be relaxed!

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