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What can you tell me about your childhood? Are there any events you remember that really impacted your life?

Life Review Paper: Proposal / Script

Meduta Florescu

Gerontology 400

California State University Long Beach

Running head: LIFE REVIEW PAPER 1



Life Review Paper: Proposal

Life review is a process in which older individuals can reminisce about important events that marked their lives; ultimately deciding if their life story has had a purpose or meaning. Therefore, having the opportunity to interview someone in the last stage of their life, makes one consider what would be the benefits an assignment like this could bring.

The foreseen interview will be conducted based on the subject’s availability. In addition, depending on the subject’s preference, the interview location can be stated as the interviewer’s residence or the subject’s residence; such decision will be made based on the conversation held while scheduling the interview meeting. During the interview session, the interviewer will prevent any possible distractions and have the subject focusing on the addressed questions. The interviewer will use a notebook (to jot down ideas related to the received answers) and a recorder (permission to record the interview will be requested in advance).

The first idea the interviewer would like to learn from the subject in conjunction to the present assignment, is the individual’s unique personal history. The chosen subject for this assignment is the interviewer’s grandmother, Martha, who is 69 years old. Even though the grandmother is a family member, it is believed that there is unknown information the interviewer could benefit from while completing the requested assignment. For example, it would be beneficial to learn about how society was constructed back in 1950’s and what roles were women expected to take over in the society she grew up. Another aspect it would be to learn more about her marriage. In the chosen subject’s case, the marriage collapsed after 25 years of marriage; it is important to identify what dynamics in her marriage changed that led the couple to decide to live apart. Furthermore, it is needed to have more knowledge of the subject’s life as of today. Such as what she considers her roles to be today, and if her roles have changed or remained stabled throughout her life. This will give a good insight on how she perceives herself, and what position she holds, today, in her family/society.

The second beneficial aspect to be addressed is what type of events a person remembers the most. Can it be that the individual remembers events that were more hurtful or challenging in their life, or do they remember a lot more experiences that caused them the most joy? (Positive/Negative thinking). It is believed that by hearing the person’s stories, and the meaning behind them, it can lead to understanding her personality better. Another important element to be investigated, are the environmental factors and/or life experiences and how such factors/ experiences shaped the subject’s personality. One question remains: do the current portrayed personality characteristics were learned or inborn? For such reason, the chosen subject is of importance relevance due to the analyzed class topics. For instance, in Alfred Adler’s theory of early recollections, it is stated that the early years of life represent important memories to an individual because they shape the personality and style of overall life in adult years (David, 2019).

One definite aspect the interviewer seeks, is the advice, wisdom, and the overall knowledge the subject can offer. As any young individual, the interviewer struggles to balance life while working toward creating a productive career; therefore, one question to be discussed is about if there were any goals she didn’t get to accomplish in her early years and how does she feel now about it now as she can reminiscence about such fact. The interviewer can relate some of the discussion, or request suggestions from the subject as to how one should go about faced personal and professional challenges. In addition, the older versus younger generation feelings will be approached in the hope of gaining more insight on the aging process. Knowing about the healthy aging idea from someone who walked the walk of life, tips on successful and healthy aging process will be addressed.

As a theoretical framework, the author/interviewer will use the Biopsychosocial (BPS) Model. Questions will discuss topics related to biology, psychology, and the social component of a person’s life. Based on the BMS formulated questions, later analysis will assess the subject’s wellbeing.

Life Review Paper: Script

Earlier life/personal life events (psychological component)

· How were the dynamics within your own family, such as the relationship with parents and siblings?

· What can you tell me about your childhood? Are there any events you remember that really impacted your life?

· At what age did you get married? What were some challenges about your marriage?

· How did becoming a parent affect or change you as a person?

Physical Activity (biological component)

· What do you do for a living?

· What are some of your daily routines?

· Are you engaging in any form of exercising?

· How does your living environment influence your physical activity?

Diet (biological component)

· Is there any special diet you currently follow? Was there any diet you followed over the years?

· How many times per week you ingest meat?

· How many meals do you have a day?

· Would you consider your weight being as in normal range for your age and gender?

· What are some ways you maintain your weight?

· At what time do you have the last meal of the day?

· What healthy foods are you incorporating in your diet daily?

· Do you have any eating/drinking habits you are indulging yourself with? If so, what are those habits and how often do you indulge? [drinking habits: soda or alcohol (beer, wine, tequila, or other hard liquors); eating habits: sugary, salty, fatty foods]

Chronic Illness (biological component)

· How would you describe your health today?

· Have you been diagnosed with any chronic illnesses? If so, are there any limitations in handling daily tasks?

· What would you say are the challenges you face due to your current health?

Stress (psychological component)

· What is your coping mechanism, or what techniques you employ while dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression?

· Could you please tell me your top five tips on how to relax when you feel like the entire world collapses around you?


Intimate and social relationships (social component)

· How close are you with your children? Please describe your current family dynamic.

· What is your view on marriage and life partnership –Is there a life partner your share your life with?

· Who are your closest friends and how often do you spend time with? Describe to me how friendship works in later years, when everybody has his own family and priorities.

Living arrangements & Finances (social component)

· What are your living arrangements?

· Financial security is an important aspect of life, how did you prepare for retirement?

· As you grow older, what are the arrangements for your income?

Roles (social component)

· What are the attributed roles at this stage, your family or the society expects you to deliver?

· How did the familial and societal roles change over time?

Motivations (psychological component)

· What is your purpose in life?

· Tell me about your life goals – how many you accomplished and how many are in progress?

· What hobbies do you have at the current time and in how many of them do you really engage?

Life Review (psychological component)

· Are you happy with how you have lived your life?

· What are your regrets? If we could take the time back, what would you change about your life?

· What are you most proud of?

· Could you please tell me your secret for living a happy and successful life?


Harvey, D. (2019). Lecture 11: Alfred Adler’s Theory [PowerPoint slides]. California State

University. Psychology of Personality: http:
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