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Was there a relationship between disadvantage and burglary?

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Advanced Research Methods

Question Set #1 (10 points total)

You are a counselor assigned with the duty to help inmates cope with everyday life in prison. As a graduate of Dr. Z’s School of Awesomeness University, you learned a number of new techniques aimed to reduce stress and violence. You believe that the techniques you have learned at DZSA-U are far superior to the techniques learned at other, well-known institutions. To test whether or not these techniques were successful, you randomly assigned new inmates to one of two groups. The first group, A, receives the traditional counseling sessions used within the prison. The second group, B, receives the counseling sessions that you have learned at DZSA-U. Once each person has completed the session, you gather the number of infractions made by each person for two weeks. The number of infractions are shown below.  Test to see whether or not the mean of each group differs from 4.5 infractions.

Group A:              2    1    2    3    3    5    4    5    6    1    2    3    5    4    2

Group B:              6    8    9    7    8    9    7    5    9    8    7    5    4    6    8

1. State H0 and H1 for both A and B. (2 points)

2. Calculate the measures of center and spread for each group (2 points)

3. What are your findings? (3 points)

4. Which of the programs do you recommend? (2 points) Why? (1 point)

Question Set #2 (10 points total)

You are a researcher for Dr. Z’s Wonder Drug Corp. and you have synthesized a drug that grants its users heightened senses for 3 hours. The drug you have created has an infinite number of uses, but you are really interested in whether or not people are able to correctly identify offenders in a line-up. Test to see if each group is able to correctly identify more than 7 suspects.

Control:               3    4    5    5    4    5    6    4    2    4   

100mg:                 2    4    6    5    2    1    4    5    3    5

1. State H0 and H1 for both the control group and 100mg group. (2 points)

2. Calculate measures of center and dispersion for both groups. Report your findings below

3. What is the Independent Variable in this study? Dependent Variable? Explain your answers.

3. Now that you have analyzed the data, what can you conclude? Explain

Question Set #3 (10 points)

It is my personal belief that students do not study, on average, 3 hours a day. I randomly surveyed 25 students on their studying habits. Test to see whether or not the average number of hours students spend studying is different than 3 hours. Data is on CANVAS under final project stuff.

1. What is the null and alternative hypothesis? (2 point)

2. Do you think that students’ study approximately 3 hours a day? Explain your reasoning based on the results from the data.

3. What might influence the number of hours studied (4 points)?

Question #4 (30 points)

Using the article provided on CANVAS, please answer the following questions.

1) What was the purpose of this research? Explain your answer (4 points).

2) Identify a null and alternative hypothesis for this study. It is not explicitly stated so you will have to deduce it from the article. (4 points)

3) What is the dependent variable? What is / are the independent variable(s)? (4 points)

4) Explain where the sample came from. (2 points)

5) Of all the types of sampling, what type of sampling frame did the authors use? (e.g. random sampling, systematic random sampling, etc.) (3 points)

6) Was this an experiment? Using your book, explain your reasoning. (3 points)

7) What were the major findings of the article? (3 points)

8) Was there a relationship between disadvantage and burglary? (2 points)

9) What can you conclude about tornados and burglary? (2 points)

Question #5 (20 points)

Using the teen birth data found on CANVAS conduct a regression predicting violent crime rates using teen births. Provide a write up of your results using the video I posted as a guide.
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