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Vanier College Native American Boarding Schools Worksheet

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Visions of Difference, A21 OEA 4: Assimilation videos on “Italian Americans” and “Indian Boarding Schools” November 2021 Questions and Instructions Please prepare written answers to the following questions on the video “The Italian Americans: Assimilation”, and the first 30 minutes of the film “Unspoken: America’s Native American Boarding Schools” viewed in class Week 11. Grade value: 10%. Part of the “Occasional Exercises & Assignments” component of the course grade totaling 30% of the course grade. This is the last OEA of the semester. Completion and submission of this OEA is optional. If you have completed and submitted the first three OEAs and are satisfied with your grade, you may skip this one. Due date: Monday, 29 November 2021 (day end). Length: as indicated or as required for complete and correct answers. Submission: Answer may be written directly on this document. You may delete the questions that are not being answered. The completed work must be submitted via Léa “Assignments and Dropbox”. Read the questions carefully and follow the requirements for each of the three Parts. Answers must be precise, accurate and relevant to the question. **All submissions must be each student’s own individual work** The two videos on which this assignment is based, may be viewed here: PBS, “Unspoken: America’s Native American Boarding Schools”: PBS, “Italian-Americans: Assimilation”: System requirements for viewing: Supported desktop browsers: Latest or most widely used version of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari Mobile devices running latest Apple iOS, Android OS Connection speed: Broadband Required (Minimum bandwidth speed of 500kbps) Time indications are in the form of hour:minute:second (00:00:00) Point distribution per section: Part 1 2 points Part 2 6 points Part 3 2 points 1 WV&D, a21 OEA 4 Visions of Difference, A21 OEA 4: Assimilation videos on “Italian Americans” and “Indian Boarding Schools” November 2021 Questions and Instructions 1. Questions on factual content. Answer TWO of the following questions. (2 points) 1.1 When was the “Dawes Act” passed into law by the US government and what was its purpose? (00:09:39-00:09:50) See: The Encyclopedia Britannica via the Vanier Library website or some other reliable source. 1.1 Answer: Reference: 1.2. What was the name of the Native-American boarding school founded and set up in Pennsylvania in 1879? What was located at the site before it became a boarding school for Native youth? (00:11:20-00:11:28) A simple internet search should also turn up the answer. 1.2. Answer: 1.3. In the early 20th century, how many federally funded non-reservation Native American boarding schools were there in the USA and how many students were living in them? How many students were there by the early 1970s? In the answer, indicate the date and the figure that is given for the number of boarding-school residents. The answers can be found at minutes 00:17:02-00:17:16. 1.3. Answer: 1.4. What is the name of the expedition that occurred in the early part of the 19th century (1800s) which is said to be “a significant moment in the history of the American west”? In the video “Unspoken” mention is made of a famous “expedition” that occurred in the early part of the 19th century (1800s). The film narrator states that encountering the expedition was “a pivotal event in the history of Native Americans”. It is also stated in the film that the expedition marked the beginnings of significant change for Native peoples of the American West. (mins. 00:06:00-00:08:00 approx.) 1.4. Answer: 2 WV&D, a21 OEA 4 Visions of Difference, A21 OEA 4: Assimilation videos on “Italian Americans” and “Indian Boarding Schools” November 2021 Questions and Instructions 1.5. What is the statement attributed to Richard Henry Pratt that is treated as capturing the assimilationist intentions of the Native American Boarding Schools program of the 19 th and 20th centuries? The film mentions an infamous statement made by Richard Henry Pratt, Carlisle Indian Boarding School Superintendent, in 1892 about the purpose and objective of assimilation. (00:11:5400:12:43). 1.5. Answer: 1.6 In Canada, what is the name used to refer to the institutions that performed an assimilation function, with respect to indigenous people, similar to the boarding schools in the USA in the 19 th and 20th centuries? How many children are estimated to have attended these institutions during the time that they were in operation? See: National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation: The Canadian Encyclopedia: 1.6 Answer: Reference: 1.7 Which group of workers are identified as being involved in assimilation activities in Italian immigrant “enclaves” in US cities in the early 20th century? 1.7 Answer: 2. Questions of interpretation and analysis Answer any TWO of the following questions (6 points) 2.1 In the testimonies of Italian Americans, which practices and aspects of homeland culture or the culture of origin were said to have been changed or were meant to be changed by the “Americanization” process (i.e. assimilation) in the early 20th century? Identify the specific forms of change that the assimilation project with respect to immigrants was supposed to bring about. Do so by filling in the blank spaces in the table below. Some key categories of assimilationist change are provided 3 WV&D, a21 OEA 4 Visions of Difference, A21 OEA 4: Assimilation videos on “Italian Americans” and “Indian Boarding Schools” November 2021 Questions and Instructions in the left-hand column. In the adjacent right-hand column indicate the corresponding specific forms of change that were supposed to occur with assimilation. An example is provided. 2.1 Answer Table 2.1: Assimilation process in the life of Italian immigrants in early-twentieth-century USA Category of assimilationist change Specific form of change or intended change e.g. Parenting or child raising e.g. Stop the practice of swaddling babies. Let babies’ arms and legs move freely without the constraint of wrapping garments. Diet and food Language Health and well being 2.2 What does “stigmatize” mean? What does it mean to “stigmatize” immigrant cultural practices? Why are assimilation processes seen to stigmatizing? In the testimonies and commentaries of Italian Americans, it is stated, at one point, that the “Americanization” tactics and measures to which Italian immigrants were subject were meant to “stigmatize” their cultural practices. What does this mean? Find a relevant and appropriate dictionary definition of “stigmatize” and then explain, in your own words, what it means to stigmatize immigrant groups and cultures and, finally, why assimilation processes may be seen as stigamizing. (00:04:0400:04:10) Provide the dictionary reference. 2.2 Answer Question What does “stigmatize” (verb) mean Answer Reference: What does it mean to stigmatize immigrant groups and cultures? Why may assimilation processes be seen as stigmatizing? 2.3 What were some of the specific forms of change or intended change that assimilation in the Indian Boarding Schools was supposed to bring about? In the testimonials and commentaries on the “Native American Boarding School” experience in the USA, mention is made of the changes that were imposed on the Native youth under the “assimilation” policy and programme. Answer by filling in the blank spaces in the table below. Some key categories of assimilationist change are provided in the left-hand column. 
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