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THE 2252 Movie Class Reflection Paper

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Running Head: COMPARISON OF ACTOR 1 ABDULLAH A. ALRAJIH THE 2252 31 March 2020 Comparison of Actors The first actor is drawn from the Lovers (2017), and the next one was picked from Claire’s Knee (1971). In the Lovers (2017), the actor of interest is Debra Winger. Winger is an American actress, born in the USA in 1955. She has acted in several other films such as Shadowlands (1993), Terms of Endearment (1983), an Officer (1982), among other films. In Claire’s Knee (1971), the actor selected is Jerome (Jean-Claude Brialy). He is a French actor and director, born in 1993. Unfortunately, he died in 2007, but his acting is something to reckon with. In Claire’s Knee (1971), he fell in love with the young daughter of his friend. However, what he fell in love with was not precisely the lady, but her knee. Based on the analysis of both Winger and Brialy’s acting roles in the films mentioned above, there are some apparent similarities. First, both of them use the classical acting technique. This kind of acting focuses on observation, dramatic analysis, observation, emotion memory, and concentration. Winger, who acts as Mary, is good at creating emotional scenes in the movie. First, Winger presents herself as a character that indeed needs a serious relationship, given that she is an estranged woman (The Lovers, 2017). She captures the emotions a person of a person who, at some point, genuinely fought her relationship, but ultimately she was heartbroken. Her ability to capture a romantic scene is what makes her acting so admirable and commendable. COMPARISON OF ACTORS 2 Besides, her willingness to stay with Tracy Letts (Michael), despite being estranged from one another creates a dramatic scene. Similarly, Jean-Claude Brialy (Jerome) is also tactical and free to express his romantic feelings. His emotional reactions upon seeing his friend’s daughter, project him as a person who can quickly get obsessed in pursuit of love. However, he turns this love to a drama; instead of following with a lady, she fell in love with a knee. Essentially both characters are capable of portraying romantic feelings in the most extraordinary and captivating way. This is what makes their acting classical. In both these films, the actor’s relationships are dramatic in all dimensions. For instance, for Winger, she is an estranged woman who willingly accepts to live with her estranged husband, Tracy Letts. Equally, for Brialy, he is engaged, but still, he unashamedly falls in love with the knee of his friend’s daughter. In essence, both characters are trying to capture some happenings in some relationships in real life. In reference to the life of Winger, an audience understands that sometimes it is possible for a married couple, who perhaps ends marriage to live together. It is something that happens, and what is essential is how individuals handle the situation. For Winger, she does not feel happy about her estranged life, but she accepts things the way they are given, that is what life offered to her. If terrible events happen in one’s life, individuals can take them. In the same breath, for Brialy’s relationship is dramatic in the sense that he is obsessed with someone’s knee at a point he is supposed to concentrate on the person he is engaged in (Claire’s Knee, 1971). Importantly, both actors are portraying real happenings in relationships where people can fall short of faithfulness or wisdom to protect their relationships. Nevertheless, these actors are different from each other. Brialy is obsessed with a knee, and this is something strange. While for Winger, she is not obsessed with Tracy Letts, instead she is dealing with the relationship’s storm. Besides, these actors are different in terms of COMPARISON OF ACTORS 3 nationality, where one is an American (Winger) while Brialy is French. Another notable difference is that Winger falls in love with an adult while Brialy falls in love with the teen-aged daughter of a friend, which is sad. In essence, Winger is a more believable actress than Brialy. It is plausible that an estranged couple can still live together. In relationships or marriages, if things do not seem to work out, a couple can decide on the way forward. However, it is not easily believable for a person to love a knee instead of a person. Brialy seemingly has a fetish for a knee, which generally is strange. It is unfathomable that a person of sound can specifically have a fetish for a knee. This is a peculiar obsession, and this makes Brialy somewhat unbelievable. COMPARISON OF ACTORS 4 Reference Claire’s Knee (1971). Retrieved from: The Lovers (2017). Retrieved from: Running head: INFLUENCE OF ACTORS AND THEIR FILMS 1 ABDULLAH A. ALRAJIH THE 2252 3/3/2020 Influence of Actors and Their Films Most films that get released are not only meant for entertainment but have a message or a lesson for the audience to learn. The title of films as well is always suggestive, and every actor represents certain aspects in the society which the viewers can easily relate to without a struggle. In that case, it becomes essential to reflect on the influence that actors and their films have on the audience. In this case, the focus will be on Maggie Smith, who is the lead character in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, a film that was released in 1969. Identifying the cultural, political, and social influence, she as an actor and the film have had during their era is of the essence. Additionally, establishing the barriers they broke during this period is as well significant. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie is a film that represents the usual activities that get carried out in society, and it features a school life (Neame, 2018). The school in the movie is known as Marcia Blain School, which is for girls only. In the film, Maggie Smith plays the character of Jean Brodie, who is a teacher that is determined to instill knowledge into the girls she teaches, and she has a group of special girls, which is somehow offensive. For her, she does not necessarily follow the set curriculum, meaning she does things her way an act that offends her fellow teachers INFLUENCE OF ACTORS AND THEIR FILMS 2 (Neame, 2018). That, though, does not stop her from pursuing her agendas with the girls, something that earns her more enemies in the school. From a cultural point of view, Maggie Smith understands her role in the school community and therefore does whatever it takes to instill knowledge to the girls. On the one hand, she experiences setbacks from the culture set by the school, which is meant to slow her down in achieving her objectives with her students. The fact that the school community fails to understand why Maggie Smith takes an interest in the four girls who she treats as unique is outrageous. That is a total reflection of how society does not see the value of such people hence denying them the necessary support to thrive in a competitive environment. Either way, Maggie Smith is brave enough to beat all the odds and offer the girls all the attention and support they need to finish school successfully. Maggie Smith is obsessed with politics, and she does not hide her stand when it comes to these matters. According to Hosmer Jr. (2018), teaching political subjects becomes the end of teacher Jean as she gets fired for teaching dictatorship. Unfortunately, it is one of her special students that exposes her because she fails to understand why the teacher imposes specific topics on them and why she needs to have a select group of students. On the film’s part, it portrays politics as a dirty game that can easily change things around for people in the wrong direction. In that case, it acts as a caution to people who desire to enter politics at any level. Additionally, it gives an insight into how people can campaign against another in a workplace to the extent of seeing them get fired simply because they do not get along. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie film on its part has a social impact in that the activities that Maggie Smith carries out are meant for the good of the students. In that case, it becomes a lesson to other teachers out there to do whatever it takes irrespective of the negative energy to deliver the INFLUENCE OF ACTORS AND THEIR FILMS 3 best to the students. Maggie Smith, on her part, takes her time to take the girls on social tours such as the one to the theatre and the picnics they have at school. The headmistress does not understand why Maggie Smith has to do that, but the teacher is well aware of the effect of such social interactions on the students. Even though her methods of teaching are disputed, teacher Jean Brodie does not give up, and her confidence annoys most of her colleagues. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie film and Maggie Smith as a lead character influence the audience as with the former, it creates an enlightening environment. That is because society has a way of viewing and understanding things based on how they happen. If they can see them from a different perspective, they are likely to change their attitude. For Maggie Smith, she sets the pace for people in her line of profession to stand their ground as long as it is for the benefit of their students. On her part, she overlooks the judgment that comes from her colleagues and does things her way as long as she instills the necessary knowledge. Additionally, she does not hide her intentions or opinions, a fact that earns her a lot of enemies in her workplace. Even though her confidence leads to her downfall, it is evident that the politics surrounding her achievements are what costs her the one thing she loves to do; teaching. INFLUENCE OF ACTORS AND THEIR FILMS 4 References Hosmer Jr., R. (2018, April 17). What Muriel Spark’s novels can teach us about life. Retrieved from American Magazine: culture/2018/04/17/what-muriel-sparks-novels-can-teach-us-about-life Neame, R. (Director). (2018). The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 1969 [Motion Picture]. Reviewing Judith Anderson’s performance as Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca. In the 1940 film Rebecca, Judith Anderson plays the looming Mrs. Danvers. Her performance in his is show-stopping and makes the whole store all the more horrifying. The character of Mrs. Danvers in the film and the original novel is described as incredibly eerie. When we meet Mrs. Danvers, she looks completely uninterested in the new Mrs. De Winter. Her facial expression doesn’t quite give disdain or annoyance. There’s just a coldness there that doesn’t seem warranted. From a viewer’s standpoint, you automatically feel uncomfortable about the interactions between Mrs. Danvers and the new Mrs. De Winter and that is all because of Anderson’s performance. Anderson’s bodily movements throughout the film are incredibly smooth, almost robotic.
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