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SMC Dental Hygiene Worksheet

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Introduction to Dental Hygiene & Periodontium DH 300 Principles of Dental Hygiene Spring 2022 Professor Hipolite Learning Objectives ● Define the discipline of dental hygiene ● Describe the professional roles of the dental hygienist ● ● ● ● Identify the tissues of the periodontium on an unlabeled drawing depicting the periodontium in cross section. Describe the function that each tissue serves in the periodontium, including the gingiva, periodontal ligament, cementum, and alveolar bone Identify the following anatomical areas of the gingiva in the oral cavity: free gingiva, gingival sulcus, interdental gingiva, and attached gingiva. Identify the following boundaries of the gingiva: gingival margin, free gingival groove, and mucogingival junction Q: ▪ What words would you use to describe the field of Dental Hygiene? Use Nearpod Collaborative Board 3 Dental Hygiene! • the science and practice of preventative oral healthcare • Mange behaviors to prevent oral disease • Promote health 4 Q: ▪ What is a Dental Hygienist? Use Nearpod Collaborative Board 5 The Dental Hygienist! Licensed Professional • • • • Accredited DH school Written Board Exams Clinical Board Exams State Law & Ethic Exam Patient Educator • Promote & maintain oral health • Listen to patient concerns Multiple Settings • • • • • • • Public Health Private Practice Corporate Researcher Educator (that’s me!) Administrator Entrepreneur (RDHAP) Mentor • Serve as a role model to community Secretary • Document patient notes • Make appointments Team Player • Collaborate with co-workers, colleagues, and others • One team one dream! 6 LEGAL & ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS Professional Ethics Dental hygienists work under the fundamental framework of • ETHICS • ACCOUNTABILITY • RESPONSIBILITY ETHICS ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY Deals with ideas of right and wrong To take ownership for your own actions. Influenced by… Between… • • • • Family beliefs Cultural beliefs Societal beliefs Professional beliefs • • • • • With yourself With patients With employer With profession With society What is the Purpose? ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ To increase ethical consciousness To increase sense of ethical responsibility To guide us in making more informed ethical decisions To establish a standard for professional judgment and behavior To provide public expectations of our ethical behavior Check It Out! ADHA CODE OF ETHICS Professional Legal Concepts Dental hygienists work under basic legal principles such as: • STANDARD OF CARE • CONFIDENTIALITY Standard of Care The degree of care that a responsible professional would reasonably do under the same/similar circumstances. • Dropping an instrument on the floor. Pick it up or leave it? Dental hygienists are obligated to practice concepts and techniques currently accepted by the profession. • CE courses, read professional journals, browse professional websites Consider This! Clinic Process Evaluations (PEs)establishing competency and upholding a certain standard of care Confidentiality The dental hygienist-patient relationship is rooted in the idea that information is kept private. • Social media, gossip, etc. Dental hygienists are obligated to not share information about a patient without their permission. • Spouse, Employee, etc. Consider This! Students will be Clinic PatientsWe keep information about ALL patients private. Open bays mean we need to take steps to protect confidentiality Who Makes Dental Hygiene Laws? ○ ○ State and Federal Laws Dental Hygiene Board of California (DHBC) Check It Out! DHBC Periodontium: Supporting Structures Basic Tooth Anatomy Periodontium Perio = around odontos = tooth Also known as… “supporting tissues of teeth” “attachment apparatus” Jones & Bartlett Learning (2016), LLC Four Parts of Periodontium Jones & Bartlett Learning (2016), LLC 18 Healthy Periodontium 19 Jones & Bartlett Learning (2016), LLC GINGIVA 21 Gingiva Jones & Bartlett Learning (2016), LLC Gingiva • The visible component of the periodontium • Protects underlying structure of periodontium from environmental factors Gingiva Boundaries Gingiva Boundaries 4 Components of Gingiva 1. Free Gingiva 2. Attached Gingiva 3. Interdental Gingiva 4. Gingival Sulcus Free Gingiva “Unattached gingiva” “Marginal gingiva” • Surrounds tooth like a turtleneck • Can be retracted with the probe inside the gingival sulcus • Appears smooth or glossy Smooth Glossy Shiny Attached Gingiva • On the cervical-third of the root and alveolar bone • Attached to the bone by collagen fibers • causes a “stippled” appearance • like the skin of an orange Interdental Gingiva “Interdental Papilla” The gingiva that is in between the teeth • Interdental space • Embrasure Gingival Sulcus • Natural space between the free gingiva and the tooth • Area measured by periodontal probe • Base of the sulcus is formed by the junctional epithelium • Filled with gingival crevicular fluid • Crevicular fluid: used to clean sulcus, bring antimicrobials and other immune properties CEMENTUM Four Parts of Periodontium Jones & Bartlett Learning (2016), LLC 34 Cementum Characteristics • Thin calcified layer covering the root surface • No blood supply or nerve connection • 50 to 200 micrometer thickness at apex • 30 to 60 micrometer thickness at cervical Cementum Function • Provides attachment for periodontal ligaments • Seals tubules on the root dentin Cementoenamel Junction Three Patterns PERIODONTAL LIGAMENT Four Parts of Periodontium Jones & Bartlett Learning (2016), LLC 39 Periodontal Ligament Characteristics • Located between cementum and alveolar bone • Connective tissue • Contains extrinsic fibers called Sharpey’s fibers • Fiber bundles or groups • 9 types! Periodontal Ligament Function • Anchors tooth to bone and provides suspension between the tooth and the alveolar bone • • Shock absorbers Aids in remodeling cementum and bone • (osteoclasts & osteoblasts) • Sensory • Provides nutrients to cementum, bone, gingiva • • pressure, pain Eating soft vs hard food Sharpey’s Fibers Periodontal Ligament Groups ALVEOLAR BONE Four Parts of Periodontium Jones & Bartlett Learning (2016), LLC 45 Alveolar Bone Characteristics • Form the maxillary arch and mandibular arch • Thinner with anterior teeth & thicker moving posteriorly • Cortical vs Cancellous Alveolar Bone Function • Support teeth • Attachment for periodontal ligaments • Forms sockets for the teeth • Remodeling • apposition vs resorption • Ex: Orthodontics CANVAS ASSIGNMENT: Periodontal Diagram & Definitions
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