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Run Lola Run Film Question Responses

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Response Paper 1 Hide Folder Information Instructions Response paper 1 (250-word minimum): What are some key differences between the screenplay and the film of Network? Discussion Forum 3 (50-word minimum for posting and replies) Due 12.13 at 11:59pm Available until Dec 13, 2021 11:59 PM. Access restricted after availability ends. Must post first. How does the cinematography create visual tension in Moonlight?* *1 posting and 2 meaningful responses to other postings, 5 points *1 posting and 1 meaningful responses to other postings, 4 points *1 posting, 3 points Discussion Forum 4 (50-word minimum for posting and replies). Due 12.20 at 11:59pm Available until Dec 20, 2021 11:59 PM. Access restricted after availability ends. Must post first. How does the editing of the opening sequence of Run Lola Run inform the editing choices throughout the rest of the movie?* *1 posting and 2 meaningful responses to other postings, 5 points *1 posting and 1 meaningful responses to other postings, 4 points *1 posting, 3 points Arad Boxenbaum Discussion Post 3 Arad Boxenbaum posted Dec 11, 2021 6:53 PM ☆ Subscribe The cinematography in Moonlight goes beyond emulating the tone and dynamics of the scenes and character dynamics but extends into separate motifs. This was partially discussed in the presentation, but the stability of the camera serves to shed light on the stability of relationship dynamics while creating tension when resorting to shaky camera that blurs objects in sight indicating discord and conflict. I also like how the cinematography captures different colors to maintain the Miami feel, grounding the narrative in a location many Americans are familiar with, without delving too far away from the seriousness of the theme. Discussion Forum 3-Starenda Veronica Starenda posted Dec 12, 2021 10:29 PM ☆ Subscribe The cinematography in Moonlight specifically some of the camera shots are able to create visual tension throughout the film. In one of the scenes Chiron and Juan are sitting next to each other on the beach and are having a heart to heart conversation. In this scene the camera slowly pans from Juan to Chiron. This slow movement between these characters shows the sort of warmth and connection that exists between them. Visual tension is a scene where Chiron’s mother is talking to him while she is high on crack. The camera movements are aggressive and at times close up to her face and her speech doesn’t match up with the way her lips are moving on the screen. This adds to the visual tension at this part in the film where we see the difficult relationship these two have and the effect her addiction has on them. Discussion Forum #4 Nina Gsedl posted Dec 14, 2021 12:09 PM Subscribe The opening sequence in Run, Lola, Run is incredibly fast-paced. The first scene we see is someone running through a crowd of people, but it’s obviously very sped up, just slowing down at certain people (more characters in the film). Just showing how fast that scene was sets up how the film is edited all throughout. It’s as if Lola is running against time. Because the whole film is based on Lola having 20 minutes to help Manni get the money, the editing choices they make show the adrenaline rush that the characters feel and that can also give the audience that feeling as well. Like when Lola decides what she’s going to do in the beginning of the film, naming people she could ask for help while their faces briefly show up on screen. Or even when she screams and glasses shatter; all of these things were intentional to show the adrenaline that kicks in, and even the stress she’s feeling. The music choices they made when Lola was running also helped with the pace of the movie; the music had a very upbeat tempo, so we visually can see how fast she was running. Essentially, as soon as the movie starts, we notice how fast the characters are moving, which sets the tone and the pace of the editing choices made. Discussion 4 Ryberg Jon Ryberg posted Dec 6, 2021 10:25 AM ☆ Subscribe The opening sequence of Run Lola Run contained many unique camera angle transitions. The audience was immediately met with a ticking clock sound as an object swung on the screen, in and out of the frame showing an object manipulation essentially. The viewer is met with whispering and high pace music while the camera is in the middle of a huge crowd that is blurred, I believe this represents thrill and uncertainty that will transition throughout the movie. The camera pans to many people but lastly focuses on a police officer, who explains the rules of soccer then kicks a ball high and the camera followed the ball overhead, seemingly 75 feet high. It was an incredible angle and informed the viewer of the editing choices throughout the film.
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