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Program Plan Childhood Obesity Intervention Starting in the Ambulatory Setting

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The idea is to develop a intra hospital obesity program in a pediatric hospital.
Using the ambulatory setting as a tool for recruiting patients/ families. The obesity program must use theory as a tool for change.

Essay Outline


All written submissions shall be completed using Microsoft Word, use either Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman, font size 12, formatted as double spaced, with 1” margins on all sides. Paragraphs should be indented. There should be no additional spaces inserted between different sections of the paper. The reference format may use APA style; students should use their chosen style correctly and consistently throughout the paper (in-text citations and reference list.)

2) Program Plan The Program Plan involves development of a public health proposal as informed by concepts covered in the Program Planning course, as well as other core courses. Students will propose a plan to address a real-time health problem in a specific community or defined population. Students will utilize the PRECEDE-PROCEED planning model in order to analyze the targeted community’s needs, resources, characteristics and culture, as well as select and appropriately adapt proven health interventions and best practices. This project type is akin to the work done in PubH 6007 and PubH 6500, where you do an in-depth investigation of the health issue, target population, ecological context, and develop a program grounded in behavioral theory with articulated objectives and evaluation measures. The final deliverable will be a program plan that is evidence-based, community/culturally appropriate, and ‘real-world ready’ (i.e., accounts for barriers to implementation such as fixed infrastructures, policies/political climate, prohibitive costs, and inability to evaluate – factors that would prevent its execution.) Examples of the Program Plan project include the following: 1. Develop a new intervention in an at-risk target population that builds on evidence from past programs and policies. 3 2. Plan to expand a successful disease prevention plan to a new geography (e.g., Adapting a proven Malaria-prevention program for culturally competent expansion to a new region.) 3. Revise an existing intervention to incorporate culturally-sensitive approaches into an established health intervention. 4. Propose adoption of established health intervention in a community (e.g., Create roll-out plan and economic justification to offer more intensive mental health interventions to low socioeconomic status children in a specific community.) Overall, this is a very detail-oriented project, in which the student supplies the reader with ALL of the materials one would need to (hypothetically) implement the proposed program in the field. (Notably, however, students are NOT required to implement this program or respond to a specific funding mechanism.).

Program Plan: 25 pages (may be ½ page shorter or longer)

  1. Title Page. Title of paper; Submitted by: Your Name in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Public Health Degree.
  2.  Abstract. 250 words maximum. Generally, this includes the paper’s objectives, methods, results and conclusions. Please consult APA style guide for advice on constructing this abstract.
  3. Background. What public health problem are you addressing in your chosen community/site? Why was this issue chosen? What do we know about the prevalence/incidence, risk factors, or trends in this health problem – in general, and specifically in relation to your targeted community/site? Define and describe the community or site that is the focus of the program. How was it chosen? Provide an extensive review the literature – structured by explicit use of the PRECEDEPROCEED planning model – to convey what has been learned about this topic and to provide a rationale for your program plan, showing how your program is addressing the health/behavioral issues. Describe the overall conceptual model, and explain the potential significance of your program plan to the chosen community.
  4. Program Objectives. What is the ultimate purpose of your program plan? What health outcomes, behaviors, and cognitions will be targeted? Utilizing SMART objectives, students must have at least 1 health objective, 1 behavioral objective, and 2+ immediate objectives (i.e. educational, psychological, communication-oriented, etc.) How were objectives were established and how will they be measured?
  5. Methods. Describe in detail the literature review conducted, and any organizations that were consulted to assess the state of the evidence. Which programs were investigated and referenced when developing this program plan? Describe this program’s innovation and its role in “filling a gap” within the field.
  6. Program Proposal.

               a. Describe the programmatic activities in full, including evidence supporting each activity, and explicit description of the integration of behavioral theory into the intervention. If based on an existing program, what adaptations or modifications were made?

b. How will this program be implemented at the site? This requires a comprehensive discussion of all logistical elements such as engagement of community partners, staffing, work/management plans, resources required, timeline, and an overall statement of the program budget and major budget categories (full budget/justification is a required appendix.) c. How will this program be evaluated, both process and outcome components? Specifically discuss the assessment of all SMART objectives. d. How are barriers to success being addressed? Please comment on sustainability/long-term maintenance.

  • Discussion. Fully analyze the program plan in terms of its limitations, ethical concerns, impact on your target population and the health condition broadly, and future programming and policy implications. What is the expected program “impact” (reach, magnitude of effect, etc.)? What, if any, additional community benefits do you anticipate (e.g., community engagement, economic improvements, etc.)? 11
  • References (not included in the page limit)
  • Tables/Figures. Note that tables and figures may be inserted into the text if appropriate and within the page limit – decision to include in the appendix should be based primarily on the necessity of the reader viewing this information in the process of reading the paper, or whether the information is “nice to know” additional context that can be read after the main body text. This decision may also be based on the formatting of the table/figure – for instance, long, unwieldy tables should be relegated to an appendix.
  •  Appendices (not included in the page limit):

a. Conceptual Model

b. Decision Matrix

c. Logic Model

d. All relevant evaluation tools/measures to comprehensively assess your programmatic objectives

e. Budget Spreadsheet & Budget Justification

Program Competencies 1. Identify and define a public health issue. 2. Apply multi-disciplinary perspectives to identify, analyze, and address public health challenges. 3. Interpret and critique research and best practices to inform the development of evidence- based solutions for public health challenges. 4. Explain multilevel determinants of problems in public health and the basis for strategies and interventions. 5. Communicate public health evidence on public health topics to a variety of audiences, including technical experts, policymakers, lay audiences, and other relevant stakeholders.

Essay Proposal




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