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paper Coding Assignment Instructions Return to the Developing Research Questions assignment from Module/Week 3. With interview transcripts in hand, c

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Coding Assignment Instructions
Return to the Developing Research Questions assignment from Module/Week 3. With interview transcripts in hand, create a code book for interviews. Begin in small groups, look at the ways people coded their respective interviews. See if there is agreement on major and minor codes. Discuss the different kinds of stories each coding scheme might tell. Cut and sort by major and minor codes looking for patterns, relationships, further categorizations. Make note of analytical findings. Hold onto these clumps of coded data for a future exercise.
Assignment Specifics:
Student will write 3-5 page paper
Citations from any of the required reading/presentations from the assigned module
APA format


Research Questions

High incarceration rates are my research issue in criminal justice. Criminal justice comprises law enforcement agencies that include police, courts, and correctional services. Each of these parties has delegated roles to play in ensuring that citizens adhere to the law; they are protected, offenders are arrested, and prevent the possibility of people engaging in crimes (Telep, 2016). The criminal justice system has established processes that are established by the governments that control crime and enforce penalties on the people who violate the law. Therefore researching it engages in facilitating more thoughts and insights into the sector by enhancing more education into criminal justice studies.
There is the use of empirical research methods that are being used in determining the phenomena that affect the criminologists. The study furthers the criminal justice studies with both qualitative and quantitative research in evaluating the issues facing the sector. The education for the criminal justice parties interests me as I would like to understand the training offered to the people in the sector. The knowledge, they are provided within ensuring that they delegate their duties effectively and with great professionalism (Annie,2020). The sector carries a large number of people who are crucial in ensuring that the laws provided by the Constitution are adhered to by citizens. There is a need for criminal justice to be improved to facilitate more insights on getting better methods for enhancing law adherence.
Another concept that relates to my issue of high rates of imprisonment is ethical practices in the sector. Law enforcers need to portray integrity and honesty in delivering their obligations to ensure that the conviction process does not favor particular individuals. The law enforcers’ integral values need to be examined to ensure that people who are alleged to have broken the law are brought to justice through clear and concrete evidence (Heaton and Tong, 2016). The law enforcers should not engage in unlawful activities that cover up crimes for influential people in the society in the event of breaking the law. Ethics should facilitate the conduct of the criminal justice system in reducing imprisonment rates.
The issue of substance abuse that has increased in correctional facilities pose a major threat to the obligation of criminal justice protecting the public. This issue relates to the increase in conviction rates as the correctional facilities have failed to restrict the use of illegal drugs. The cases of heroin use in prisons may be a factor to consider in evaluating the increase in rates of conviction (Tilley and Laycock,2018). The criminal justice system need to facilitate avenues that can be used to reduce the rates and come up with accurate research for interviewing and assessing the correctional facilities to ensure compliance with the law.
Policy-making in criminal justice is another concept that relates to the research interest. The making of policies determines the ability of criminal justice to exercise its duties according to the law. The absence of strong policies that govern criminal justice hinders effective carrying out of operations of the sector. This compromises the issues related to justice delivery as the major elements lack the mandate and resources that can facilitate the achievement of justice (Bowers et al. 2017). The increase in high incarceration rates may be founded on the inadequacy of relevant policies set for the department to practice justice. When there are weak policies, criminal justice is weak and unable to exercise their jurisdiction effectively.
Criminal justice should incorporate the use of people who had been convicted and later released to help prevent crime. The police can benefit from the narrations by the parties to note the various ways in which crimes occur (Chapman, 2016). The police can use the narratives to influence the people towards adhering to the laws as they will have the idea of the consequences of breaking the law. The concept relates to the incarceration rate as it facilitates criminal justice with knowledge of methods of gathering data that is useful in crime prevention. The police are able to get knowledge of the information that underlies criminal activities that they did not have knowledge about.
I would develop these research questions to help focus on a high incarceration rate, which is my topic. What do you think are the major drives that are responsible for the high conviction rates in the country and on global grounds? What comes to mind when you hear high incarceration rates in the country and globally? Is the criminal justice system to blame for the high incarceration rates in the country? From your answer, why do you think so? What do you think or propose the criminal justice should do to prevent crime and foster adherence of the law?
If I was to do a literature review, I would choose my topic, which is a high incarceration rate. I would engage in evaluating the available reviews on the topic. I would strategically isolate the variables that I find most appealing and important to the topic. I would derive the major challenges that have been recorded in the past using data from my country and from other countries to increase my scope of knowledge. Then I would generate a conceptual framework.
The open-ended questions that I would ask the willing participants in the project would help me gather more information about the topic. I would develop these open-ended questions for the participants. What is criminal justice in your view? How has criminal justice increased the crime rates in your locality? What do you think can be done to improve the criminal justice system? Who do you think is to blame for high incarceration rates, and what reasons do you have for your answer? How credible do you think criminal justice is in preventing crime rates? What aspects would you introduce into the criminal justice system to ensure that it functions with integrity and honesty? What do you think are the barriers to effective exercising of duties of criminal justice? What do you think of using ex-offender narratives by police to prevent crime? What changes would you suggest to reduce the incarceration rate?

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