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1. What is the theory of plate tectonics?
2. What evidence confirms that seafloor spreading has been taking place? Explain the evidence from both paleomagnetism and ocean floor cores.
3. Describe the fundamental differences among diver- gent, convergent, and trans- form plate boundaries.
4. What is subduction? At what plate boundaries does subduction occur? What landforms are associated with it?
5. What is a transform plate boundary?
6. What is a hot spot? How is this different from sub- duction?
7. Define and contrast the following:

8. D raw
th e 5 m
ain p
late b o
u n
d aries. B
e su re to
d raw
in th
e lan d
fo rm
s th ey create alo
n g
ith arro
w s in
d icatin
g th
e d irectio
n o
f p late m
o vem
en t.
o cean
ic-o cean
ic co
n verg
en t
o cean
ic-o cean
ic d
iverg en
t o
cean ic-o
n tin
en tal
co n
verg en
t co
n tin
en tal-co
n tin
en tal
d iverg
en t
co n
tin en
tal-co n
tin en
tal co
n verg
en t

9. Explain the general differences in silica content and style of volcanic erup- tion associated with low silica magma and high silica magma.
10. Describe and explain the general formation, shape, and structure of the folloing kinds of volcanoes:
shield volcanoes
composite volcanoes
lava domes (plug domes)
cinder cones
11. How is folding different from faulting? What are synclines and anticlines?
12. Explain the differences in stress direction and dis- placement among the four basic kinds of faults:
normal faults
reverse faults
thrust faults
strike-slip faults

Question 8:
Question 11:
Question 12:
Question 13:
Question 19:
Question 17:
Question 18:
Question 14:
Question 16:
Question 25:
Question 26:

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