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MKTG 900 Systematic Decision Helped in The Identification of Concepts Essay

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DYSTOPIAN 1 William Ford Gibson A Profile of a Key Figure Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation DYSTOPIAN 2 Introduction: Dystopian Blade Runner is perhaps one of the pioneering movies that features several themes of a dystopian society; an imagined futuristic society where domineering social control and the illusion of a perfect society are driven by totalitarian, moral, technological, bureaucratic, or corporate control1. In Blade Runner, the theme of dystopia is an early example of cyberpunk concepts that have expanded into feature films2. The same can be said for games such as Cyberpunk 2077, which demonstrate integration of a dystopian society within a futuristic nation, and where heroes rise to challenge the oppressive forces3. Drawing from these movies and the continued generation of films based around similar themes, this paper profiles William Gibson, one of the key figures in the field of cyberpunk and related concepts. Profile of William Gibson Early life William ford Gibson birth took place on March 17, 1948, in southern California in the city of Conway. In his childhood, he grew up in Virginia in his childhood in a town called the Appalachians. His father being a manager in a construction company resulted in the family shifting and residing in many places. He attended pines elementary school, where he later lost his father and was left under the care of his father whom they later shifted to reside in Wytheville.4. 1 Guynes, Sean. “Dystopia fatigue doesn’t cut it, or, Blade Runner 2049’s utopian longings.” Science Fiction Film and Television 13, no. 1 (2020): 143-148. 2 Kiejziewicz, Agnieszka. “Dystopia, new society and machines: the 1980s as the period of emergence and development of cyberpunk cinema.” (2018). 3 Kiejziewicz, Agnieszka (2018) 4 Westfahl, G. “William [Ford] Gibson (1948–).” Fifty Key Figures in Science Fiction (2009): 86. DYSTOPIAN 3 In his childhood, he was interested in hearing the recordings and studying writings. At the age of thirteen, he bought an anthology of beat generation writing, which exposed him to very outstanding authors such as Williams Burroughs. William Gibson’s performance in mathematics was very poor but in writing, he performed exemplary very well. His mother left him at the age of eighteen where he became isolated and left school without graduating. After living for weeks with nowhere to settle, he worked in a head shop as a manager. It was concerned with the selling of drug paraphernalia. William Gibson spent most of his 1960s life in Toronto, where he met his wife to be Jean Thomson whom they traveled together in Europe.5. They married in 1972 and settled in Vancouver together as couples. They depended on the wife’s teaching salary for their need and the needs of their first child, who was taken care of by William. Education and Experience William ford Gibson joined the University of British Columbia after he realized that it was not hard to maintain the college scores than to work. By then, he was earning his from working in scouring Salvation Army thrift stores which he was paid poorly. At the UBC, he acquired his first bachelor degree in English in 19776. He was interested in reading literature which exposed him to a wide of fiction, such as awareness of postmodernity thing he learned they were not easily accessible in the science fiction culture. After the study of his first course on 5 Westfahl, G. “William [Ford] Gibson (1948–).” Fifty Key Figures in Science Fiction (2009): Yarova, Polina L., Alecia L. Stewart, Venkatachalem Sathish, Rodney D. Britt, Michael A. Thompson, Alexander PP Lowe, Michelle Freeman et al. “Calcium-sensing receptor antagonists abrogate airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation in allergic asthma.” Science translational medicine 7, no. 284 (2015): 284ra60-284ra60. 6 DYSTOPIAN 4 science fiction at the UBC, he was later writing his first short story entitled fragments of the hologram. He pursued a master’s degree in hard science fiction novels as fascist literature. William Gibson stopped for a moment writing a year before his master’s graduation. He engaged himself in various jobs, such as assisting in teaching on film history courses. He became friends with his fellow panelist, punk musician, and author john Shirley, who encouraged Gibson to market his writing to the public and be serious in writing7. Later joined in friendship with Bruce sterling and Lewis shiner who were science fiction authors through Shirley. His work was pleasing to the two science fiction authors hence describing it as breakthrough material. After various interactions among sterling, shiner, Rudy Ruckey, and Gibson, they decided to form the core radical of the cyberpunk literary movement. William Gibson’s early writing was mainly concerned with the effects of cybernetics and cyberspace technology. Burning Chrome was his first writing which Bruce Sterling recognized as Gibson’s classic one-two combination of low life and high tech. Gibson’s stories appeared in the Omni and universe at the beginning of the year 19818. He aimed at being a minor cult figure; hence Gibson kept himself far from science fiction. He wrote various novels such as Necromancer, which was intended to feature exclusively debut novels. Through this novel earned Nebula and Hugo as the best novel since it was the first winner of science fiction. His other novels include pattern recognition, spook history, and zero histories. Gibson had some collaboration in his writing career with other authors. Some of the writing that he collaborates with other authors include the belonging kind. He collaborated with 7 Yarova, Polina L., Alecia L. Stewart, Venkatachalem Sathish, Rodney D. Britt, Michael A. Thompson, Alexander PP Lowe, Michelle Freeman et al. “Calcium-sensing receptor antagonists abrogate airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation in allergic asthma.” Science translational medicine 7, no. 284 (2015): 284ra60-284ra60 8 Schaefer, A. O., Baumann, T., & Langer, M. “The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.” (William Ford Gibson) Exceeding the Limits with syngo TimCT. DYSTOPIAN 5 John Shirley, red star, winter orbit in collaboration with sterling, and dogfight with Michael swan wick. For most of his writing, he collaborated with sterling, where they authored such writings as the angel of Goliad and the difference engine.9. Gibson was also involved in films and screenplays. Gibson’s alien three transcripts were one of the films successfully released by Dark Horse Comics between 2018 and 2019. Also, in 2019, an audio drama of Gibson was released, which was adapted by Dirk Maggs. Achievements One of Gibson’s achievements is his contribution to the integration of text into several performance art pieces. Gibson wrote a text entitled dream jumbo. He also contributed to the visionary Francisco. Gibson wrote short writing entitled skinners room which inspired a contribution to the exhibition by architects10. He is also a sporadic contributor to non-fiction articles in magazines and books. Some of his articles include the observer, addicted to noise and a rolling stone. He later produced a collection of various of his writings in 2012, which were non-fiction. Legacy Gibson has set himself unique from other fantasy and sci-fi writers since his first work. He does not follow the contemporary approach to sci-fi as it is common with other scholars in his field. For instance, Gibson does not focus on portraying endless family generations that upload their brains into some cloud-based storage system or aspects of telepresence11. However, Schaefer, A. O., Baumann, T., & Langer, M. “The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.” (William Ford Gibson) Exceeding the Limits with syngo TimCT. 10 Santoso, Dea Anugrah, and Mamik Tri Wedawati. “Hyperreal Identity in William Gibson’s Neuromancer.” In Social Sciences, Humanities and Education Conference (SoSHEC 2019), pp. 272-277. Atlantis Press, 2019 11 Nast, Condé. 2019. “How William Gibson Keeps His Science Fiction Real”. The New Yorker. 9 DYSTOPIAN 6 to him, he tries to create his work to be as much more real and fantasy-based as much as possible12. When he started developing sci-fi stories, the concept of cyberpunk had already been introduced13. However, his approach was way unique and appalling. For four decades now, Gibson has developed into a respected writer who has created illusionary futuristic worlds more convincingly than any other scholar of the same genre. Also, unlike most sci-fi writers, Gibson does not have a name for his style, only that he holds that it entails prediction14. His style stems from deep within the occurrences of the present. For instance, his initial writing was based on his observations watching kids play video arcades as if they were in the game itself15. Gibson attempted to invent the words to describe the space behind the screen on a legal pad. He eliminated “InfoSpace” and “dataspace” before he settled for “cyberspace.”16 At the time, he had no knowledge of its meaning but thought it sounded great17. 
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