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Participation Exercise for Week 6
MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
Decide whether the ordered pair is a solution of the given system.
1) x + y = 6
x – y = 4 ; ( 5, 1) 1) _______
A) No B) Yes
Solve the system by graphing.
2) 4x + y = -17
x + 6y = -10
2) _______
A) {( -5, 3)} B) {( -4, -1)} C) {( -4, -5)} D) {( 4, -1)}
Solve the system by substitution. If the system is inconsistent or has dependent equations, say so.
3) y = – x
5x – 6y = -4 3) _______
A) B)
C) D) ∅; inconsistent system
Solve the system by elimination. If the system is inconsistent or has dependent equations, say so.
4) -x + 6y = 9
8x – 6y = 54 4) _______
A) {( 10, 2)} B) {( 9, 3)}
C) {( -3, 9)} D) ∅; inconsistent system
Tell how many solutions the system has. Do not actually solve.
5) 2x + 5y = -1
4x + 10y = -2 5) _______
A) One solution B) No solution C) Infinitely many
Solve the problem.

6) The table shown was generated by a graphing calculator. The functions defined by and are linear. Based on the
table, find the coordinates of the point of intersection of the graphs.
6) _______
A) (7, 7) B) (7, 2) C) (2, 7) D) (3, 9)
7) Betsy doesn’t trust banks, so her savings are hidden under her mattress. Alla has her savings in an investment at
simple interest. During which years would Betsy’s savings be more than Alla’s?
7) _______
A) 1986 – 1988 B) 1989 C) 1989 – 1996 D) 1986 – 1989
Solve by any method. Assume a and b represent nonzero constants.
8) 4ax + 3y = 1
y = 2ax 8) _______
A) B) C) D)
SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question.
Provide an appropriate response.
9) Give the definition or an example of the word or phrase.
Dependent system 9) _____________
MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
Solve the system of equations.
10) x + y + z = 7
x – y + 2z = 7
5x + y + z = 11 10) ______
A) {(4, 1, 2)} B) {(1, 4, 2)} C) {(4, 2, 1)} D) {(1, 2, 4)}
Solve the problem.
11) The perimeter of a rectangle is 28 cm. The length is 8 cm longer than the width. What are the length and width of
the rectangle? 11) ______

A) Length: 15 cm; width: 7 cm B) Length: 11 cm; width: 3 cm
C) Length: 14 cm; width: 6 cm D) Length: 8 cm; width: 3 cm
12) The perimeter of a rectangle is 60 m. If the width were doubled and the length were increased by 15 m, the
perimeter would be 108 m. What are the length and width of the rectangle? 12) ______
A) Length: 15 m; width: 10 m B) Length: 15 m; width: 15 m
C) Length: 9 m; width: 21 m D) Length: 21 m; width: 9 m
13) Mrs. Boyd has a desk full of quarters and nickels. If she has a total of 23 coins with a total face value of $ 4.55 ,
how many of the coins are nickels? 13) ______
A) 8 nickels B) 22 nickels C) 6 nickels D) 17 nickels
14) A company manufactures three products. The graph shows the production from 1986 to 1996. Which of the companies
experience production growth over the period shown in the graph?
14) ______
A) Company B and Company C B) Company A
C) Company A and Company C D) Company A and Company B
Use a graph to solve the system.
15) x – y = 4
x + y = 12
15) ______
A) {( 16, 8)} B) {( 4, 8)} C) {( 8, 4)} D) {( 8, 16)}

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