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Los Angeles Pierce College Lifestyle Audit Reflection

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Environmental Life-Style Audit In order to live on this planet we consume natural resources. When we live on this planet everything we do has an impact. The purpose of this learning opportunity is to begin to develop an awareness of our roles as consumers within our ecosystem (closed box). Life is extremely complex. Decision-making is part of that complexity. Decisions provide for us the opportunity to direct our lives. A series of personal decisions are what create life-styles. To live intentionally requires that we understand our decisions. The first step toward an intentional life-style is to realize what decisions face us each day and the choices which we make regarding our impact while on the earth (closed box). You cannot throw anything away. The system in which we live is essentially a closed system (box) containing a finite set of resources. You may move a substance or a problem from one place to another, but you cannot remove it from the system (box). We need to become aware of the cycles of things we touch and use daily. Choose a 48-hour period that reflects your daily lifestyle. You will need to keep a close ‘eye’ on yourself and keep a log of most of your activities. You might best think of it as a game (at least try to make it fun). The two games are called: “Comings and Goings” and “Energy Consumption.” When you are done with the logs and the lifecycle of one item, you will need to write a ONE-PAGE SUMMARY of your reactions, conclusions, or reflections on the value of this experience. Each of the games is explained below and you must complete each” game log.” The templates provided on the website for each :game” can be filled in and submitted, along with the lifecycle of one item and your 1 page reflection included on the same document. If all goes as planned, this will be submitted via All 4 components of this assignment should be in one document. If you prefer, you may create your own template in Word or Excel, but please follow the same setup that I have in the template on the course website. Comings and Goings Everything, which enters your life in the next 48 hours with the exception of human relationships, should be logged on a chart as outlined below. Every material object like the library book you sign-out, or the new CD you buy, or the food you eat, or the TV you watch should be entered into the log. If you get to 50 items before the 48hour period is over, then you may stop. List the item, then write down where it came from prior to your possession of it, where you think if probably came from before that, and then record what you do to it (keep it or pass it on). If you “throw it away”, then list how it might have been passed elsewhere other than the garbage can. At the conclusion of this experience, pick one item from your list and trace its full life-cycle – from the beginning from basic elements of the universe and returning to basic elements of the universe. Your log will include the following: Object Name, Where It Came From, Before That (Still Have It or Gone elsewhere?) Be specific. *See Template and Examples on course website.* Energy Consumption We all consume energy. Our bodies consume energy in order for us to live. This learning opportunity is designed to have us look at our energy use beyond that which our physical bodies consume, and to ask if other choices exist as substitution(s) for that energy. For example, if we drove home tonight; that requires energy. Energy is not just in the gasoline consumed but also in making the car itself. We could calculate that energy utilization. We could also choose to reduce that level of consumption. If you rode with someone else, you could reduce your energy usage value by 50%; three people would reduce the usage by 66%, and so forth. Or, you could use another mode of transportation that requires less total energy consumption. So….. how do we play this game? Well, for the next 48 hours, list the “energy consumption” with regard to the activities you engage in. Then, you’ll assign an “estimate” of energy usage value. Third, write some choices for conservation alternatives. Please do not concern yourself with whether you would actually make those choices – just ponder the possibilities. When/if your list reaches 25 items before the 48-hour period, you may stop the game. Your typed log for this game must include the following: CONSUMPTION, ACTIVITY, ENERGY ALTERNATIVE (S), UNITS USED, MONETARY VALUE. * See Template and examples on course website.* Logical question: how do we calculate the energy units and monetary values? See the links on the course website for information on calculating watts and the monetary value of each item. The Mr. Electricity link will give you a breakdown of average wattages as well as a calculator. CSG Network also has a pretty slick calculator. The other two sites have a nice break down of kilowatt hours and monetary values for each appliance. Use the ones that make most sense to you. Reminder: this assignment will include 4 components: • Comings and Goings • Energy Usage • Life cycle of one item • Summary/Conclusion Will this feel tedious? Yep. Is it worthwhile? Yes. For most students, it is. It depends on how actively you engage in the experience. Don’t BS your way through it – take the time to really assess your life-style, and I am pretty confident this will be a very informative and eye-opening experience! Energy Consumption Consumption Activity Energy Alternative Units Used / Time Cost ex. Electricity Watching TV Read a book 200 watts, 5 hours $.014 ex. Gasoline Driving to work Carpool/Ride bike 60 miles $30 1.gasoline Carpool/walk 3 miles $1 2.electricity Driving to store Watching tv Do homework $0.32 3. electricity Over head fan Go inside pool 4.electricity A/C Go inside pool 4 hours, 260 watts 15 hours, 98 watts 8 hours, 3500 watts 5. electricity computer Read/go outside $0.05 6. electricity lights Leave off/go outside 5 hours, 45 watts 6 hours, 60 watts 7. Electricity Toaster/over Eat fruit $0.11 8. water shower Take a shower in the pool 30 mins, 720watts 5 min, 60 liters 9.gasoline Carpool/ bike 60 miles $30.00 10. electricity Driving to work Book light flashlight $0.02 11.electricity Cable box Read a book/ play outside 20 mins, 60 watts 4 hours, 45 watts 12.electricity tv Do homework/ go out $0.64 13.electricity Cable box Read a book/ play outside 8 hours (football), 260 watts 8 hours 45 watts 14. electricity A/C Go inside pool/ go to beach 8 hours, 3500 watts $4.20 15.electricity Over head fan Go inside pool/go to beach 15 hours, 98 watts $0.21 16.electricity computer Read/go outside 8 hours 45 watts $0.07 17. 18. $0.21 $4.20 $0.06 Approx $1.00 $0.03 $0.06 19. 20 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Total electricity cost during Audit: _________$11.20______________ Total gasoline cost during Audit: __________$31.00______________ Estimated Yearly Electricity Cost: __________$2,044 Very thorough. Well done! Comings and Goings Object Name Where From Before That Where it went Could have…. ex. Apple Ralphs Apple Orchard Ate, threw away core. Composted core. ex. Gum Store/Wrigleys factory Synthetic rubbers /Gum Base recycled wrapper 1. milk Vons/farm Inside cow utter Threw away gum and wrapper. In stomach Watered plants ☺ 2 cereal- honey bunches of oats Vons/factory Grains, nuts in fields and manufactured in a factory Ate it, threw the box away Recycled the box and reused the plastic 3 bbq chicken Vons/factory chicken Ate it Composted 4. water Vons/mountain H2O threw it away Recycled the bottle 5. Watch tv Best buy Samsung factory Kept box Recycled box 6. apple Vons/factory Apple orchard Ate, threw it away 7 pear Vons/factory Pear orchard Ate, threw it away 8 nectarine Vons/factory Nectarine orchard Ate, threw it away 9 watermelon Vons/factory Watermelon orchard Ate, threw it away 10 honey dew Vons/factory Honey dew orchard Ate, threw it away 11 enchilada Vons/factory Different contents from a factory Ate, threw it away Composted core, planted seeds Composted core, planted seeds Composted core, planted seeds Composted skin, planted seeds Composted skin, planted seeds Recycled the plastic bag 12 protein bar Vons/factory Chocolate, peanut butter, different grains and fillers Ate, threw it away Recycled plastic bag 13 celery Vons/factory Vegetablegarden Ate, threw it away Composted leaves 14 steak Vons/factory Animal farm Ate,
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