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How feminism is expressed through art

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A: Proquest

  1. Wet: On painting, feminism and art culture

Link to pdf file:///C:/Users/matso/Pictures/wet.pdf

This source tells the history of feminist and other gender roles in the fields of art, specifically painting. Being a male dominated field it has been difficult for women to succeed in a painting career if they are not somehow related to a male artist. During the 1980s feminist art was predominantly photography. As photography was something new, untouched by any group, as well as popular and easier to promote than older types of art like paintings.

2. The fall of Feminist: You’ve come too far

This source explains how feminism has been affected by the media portal of women. For example female characters who are based around their sexuality are supposed to be seen as sexually liberated to the audience. But there are no real feministic qualities to her character because she is seen more as sexual objects to the audience. This suggest that the relationship between artistic proyal of women and feminist ideals are complex and ingrained in our culture.

  1. Problem Pictures: Women and Men in Victorian Painting

Like to pdf file:///C:/Users/matso/Pictures/victorian%20women%20and%20men.pdf

            This source describes the difference in the depiction of males and females in Victorian art. For example, women are more likely to be painted in scenes where they are symbolic depictions of weakness. Feminist in the 1800s have used these painting as inspiration of outrage, suggess that art influnces and sociey, and visa versa. This source also explores the history of women artists and their relationship with female focused art such as female nudity.



1. The carnivalesque, parody and irony in the contemporary american visual art

            This source examines a few popular feminist art pieces and artist, and describes how they show women related struggles specifically through irony and parody. It’s through these expressions the contemporary art movement can be seen growing and establishing itself in the world of art history. But through these expressions we also explore the feeling and the meaning of women related struggles.

2. Doing Feminism and Communities of Practice in Australian Art.

            This source explains the common practice of collaboration and community projects of feminist art is Australian. Through these projects communities are benefiting mentally, emotionally and economically. Artistic abilities aren’t the main reason why these projects happen. Instead the main focus of these projects are for communities and individuals to express their feelings. Women are supporting the expression of each other’s struggles. Which leads to the growth of feminism.

3. From “Non-governmental Organizing” to “Outer-system”—Feminism and Feminist Resistance in Post-2000 China.

This source explains the feminist movement in 21st century China. Despise losing the political presence it had in the 1980s and 1990s, feminist is china is still strong in China. This is done through the use of performance art. It’s easy to perform as there are less economic and talent restrictions, and it’s easy to circulate through the media. Thus without an established center or group, feminism still holds up today through the use of art.

C: Gale

1. Researchers’ Work from University of Wollongong Focuses on Women’s and Gender Studies


This source explains the relationship between feminist work, such as “The Handmaidens Tale” by Maregrat Atwood, and it’s effect on feminist idealology and formation in real life. This suggests that through the use of media, an audience can gather inspiration, feelings and new concepts. Through the use of this book and the apated TV show, feminist can grow and have an bigger impact.

  1. Art, Sex and American Culture


This source compares the different ways in which feminism is expressed through different types of media. Comparing Madonna, a sex symbol, to Camille Paglia, an academic. Both express their feminism in different manners. Many would say that Madonna is perpetuating mainstream sexist stereotypes but Paglia suggests that she and Madonna are the same. Paglia believes that women’s sexuality in the media is something to be explored rather than blatantly called sexist.

  1. Girls Go Global: how do you see global feminism?


            This source shows a global art project encouraging women and girls to express themselves through experts of their own pop culture. This is interesting because they are using popular ideas to express their own feelings, which shows how ideas such as feminism are told and received to the audience. Also it shows the different ideas in different cultures.

D: Directory of Open Access Journals

1.    The C-Word: Motherhood, Activism, Art, and Childcare

This source explains that women issues and feminist ideology can be explained and explore through art, and can grow support from it. Documentaries and movies showing the realities of living as a woman, specifically single mothers. Also this source shows the realities of women and mothers who are artists and how that affects their art.

  1. I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours: Collaboration, Consciousness-Raising and Feminist-Influenced Art in the 1970s

This source explains how two feminist art project influenced the establishment of feminist in the 1970s and 1980s. In these projects, they collaborated and expressed their emotions and ideas. What was created was a place where women could feel comfortable and supported. In this sense the project wasn’t about the art, it was about the community.

  1. ‘Our project is not to add to art history as we know it, but to change it.’ The establishment of the Association of Art Historians and the emergence of feminist interventions, 1974-1990

This source is a piece on how feminist has been expressed and evolved in the course of art history, specifically through the 20thcentury. This source explains the troubles that many women faced through specific decades in the 20th century,  how women expressed themselves through art and how their art impacted the world around them.


At first, I knew I wanted my topic to be based on art and how it influences society in some fashion. After looking at a few articles, I remembered some feminist artist from my art history class and how much impact they had during the 20thcentury. I found their work brilliant, not only in as a feminist but from an artist stand point, as well. I think it would be interesting to write about 20th century feminism art history and how it impacts today’s society.

My hypothesis will be something along the lines of: How feminism is expressed and supported through art. I want to explore the relationship between artists and art, as well as the influence of both combined, in the context of feminism. For example, articles such as “Feminism and Feminist Resistance in Post-2000 China”, have expressed that contemporary, performance, or abstract types of art have been used by feminism artists. This is because they are cheaper to produce, easier to circulate through the use of social media and can be made by anyone as there are less talent restrictions. From this it can see that the relationship between art and artist and between artist and audience is more intimate in the 20th century. This is quite different from other centuries as when art was seen as a skill, and the exposure and cost of production was difficult to come by. Thus modern day art is more society and interpersonal focused, like an open conversation. Now that there are more artists with different ideas and different ways of expressions, the world can be impacted through art faster thus allowing issues like feminism to grow rapidly on a global scale.

Source Notes: Sources can only come from library/electronic databases (no google, etc.). Only peer reviewed sources (no newspaper, magazines, etc.)


Thesis at beginning1 /1
Analysis of materials2/2
Synthesis of ideas2/2
Developed paragraphs1/1
Coherent and unified paragraphs1/1
Correct punctuation1/1
Correct usage1/1
Formal research style1/1
Adequate length – minimum 12 pages of text3/3
Sources – Minimum 12 professional/peer reviewed2/2
In text documentation2/2
Works Cited documentation2/2    


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