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Hooke Law Magnetic and Gravitational Force Lab Report

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Hooke’s Law Name: Group Members (if any): Instructions: Force is a push or pull on an object in simple terms. There are forces all around us. Some forces we can see and some we can only see act on other objects. For example, if I throw a ball, I apply a force to the ball with my hand. There are unseen forces such as magnetic and gravitational. If I let go of the ball, it will drop to the floor. I cannot see the gravitational force, but I can see the ball fall to the floor. The Earth pulls the ball to the floor. If you hang an object on a spring, there are two forces involved. The Earth pulls down on the object and the spring pulls up on the object. Robert Hooke found a relationship between the force on the spring and how far it stretches. We are going to study this relationship. Outcomes: 1.Given a spring and some washers, studuents will collect data about the force and distance of spring stretch. 2. Students will use the data collected to determine a relationship between force and displacement of a spring. Materials: 1 1 10 1 Metric ruler Spring Scale Washers from the centripetal force kit. Camera or phone to take a selfie with your setup. Safety Points: 1. Small parts are involved, keep them from small children or animals. 2. Don’t leave materials scattered on the floor, trip hazard. 3. Don’t let the spring pinch your fingers. Procedure: Part 1: 1. Find a place to hang the spring scale and hang the ruler next to the spring. You may need to tape it. 2. Note where the bottom of the spring scale is hanging relative to the ruler. That is your zero point. 3. Add a washer to the scale and note the displacement of the bottom of the spring in meters. (This is the current location minus the zero point.) 4. Add an additional washer and record the entire displacement from where it is now and the zero point. 5. Continue and stop just before the spring is over stretched or you get to 10 washers. Record in table. 6. Find the mass of 1 washer and record the mass for the proper number in the mass column. 7. Convert the mass from grams to kilograms in the next column. 8. Calculate the force by taking mass x gravity and record in the Force column. Show one sample calculation in the space provided. 9. Graph the force on the y-axis and displacement on the x-axis. Paste the graph below. 10. You must also take a selfie of you with your setup to make the measurements. Your face must be visible in the picture. Insert it at the end of the lab. 10. You must also take a selfie of you with your setup to make the measurements. Your face must be visible in the picture. Insert it at the end of the lab. Data: Table 1-1 Number of washers Mass (g) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Graph Analysis: 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Mass (kg) 0,01 0,02 0,03 0,04 0,05 0,06 0,07 0,08 0,09 0,1 Force (N) 0,098 0,196 0,294 0,392 0,49 0,588 0,686 0,784 0,882 0,98 Displacement (m) 0,007 0,014 0,021 0,029 0,035 0,042 0,049 0,058 0,064 0,073 Sample Force Calculation *see #8 above 1. Analyze the graph to determine the relationship. Is it linear or something else? Explain. 2. If the relationship is linear, determine the slope of the line. (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) Show your work. 3. The equation that Hooke came up with is F=kx. What does the k represent? 4. Use your data to explain how you proved or didn’t prove Hooke’s Law. 5. Add your selfie below. Equipment List Picture metric ruler wooden blocks assorted objects paperback book hardback book student supplies student supplies student supplies
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