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Historical Figures in today’s standards

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This research project will be conducted in three parts using the same topic throughout: 

  1. First, you will assemble a research outline and bibliography using the template provided. 
  2. Then, you will give a seminar presentation on your topic in the Rogerian-style (you will present both sides of a debate with an aim to find compromise). 
  3. Finally, you will write a Toulmin-style research essay.


an annotated bibliography (possible references/research that will be included to support your discussion).

An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph, called the annotation. 


Ideally, you should try to pick a social issue that has at least two very clear sides to debate.  While it is possible to do a more literary or historical style paper, it will be much more difficult in terms of research and completing a Rogerian presentation successfully. Below are some sample topics that I have seen done successfully by students in the past:

Abortion/Pro LifeCorporal PunishmentPrivacy Rights
Alternative Energy vs. Fossil FuelsDrinking Age  Opioid Control  
Animal TestingEuthanasiaProstitution
Banned BooksGun ControlSex Education in Schools
Banning Junk Food in SchoolsIllegal Immigration  Universal Basic Income
Beauty PageantsLegalization of MarijuanaVaccines
Capital PunishmentMandatory Drug TestingVegetarianism
CensorshipPolice Body CamerasVideo Games and Violence

Additionally, while I am all about wrestling with tough issues in the classroom, your presentation must adhere to the Sheridan Student Code of Conduct, which states:

7. students have the right to be treated in a manner which is respectful, honest, and free from discrimination or harassment consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code and any applicable Canadian law.

8. students have the responsibility to treat other members of the Sheridan community in a manner which is honest, respectful and free from discrimination or harassment consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code and any applicable Canadian law.

If you do not think that you can give a presentation on a topic in a way that is fair, respectful, and meets these guidelines, then it is probably not a good topic for you.  Highly controversial topics related to issues such as religion, sexuality, human rights, etc. must be handled cautiously and with an open mind to different views and opinions. 

Please note that if I am concerned that your topic and/or presentation may not align with the expectations for the assignment or classroom, I will ask you to sit down with me so that we can develop a strategy for making it more academic or classroom focused. 


This assignment will be completed in MLA or APA formatting (unless you have individual permission from me to use a different referencing style). 

Inside your Prof’s Brains: Tips for Success

Research outlines can make or break a project.  If you were to survey your faculty, you will find that most of us do outlines in some stage/capacity during the research process. 

Step 1 – pick your topic and begin developing a research question.  Your question should narrow down the field for you so that research is more manageable.  For example, if you were doing your project on Sheridan College, you would need to focus on what you want to know more about.  Student life? Faculty? Sports and facilities? Classrooms? Program quality?  The same goes for researching other topics as well. 

Step 2 – assemble your research.  Make sure that you have five credible academic sources to pull from and that they are all related to your topic and have connections or “threads” that make sense with each other. Fill in your information on the template and assemble your research into references.

Step 3 – edit and revise. Give it a look over.  Is your formatting correct?  Do you answer the questions fully and with enough detail?  Review the outline and make sure that you have all the requirements. Submit your work on SLATE. 

Annotated Bibliography Instructions

  • Must be in either APA or MLA formatting
  • Must have 5 academic (peer-reviewed) sources
  • Under each source, you must provide a brief analysis in 150-200 words that does two things:

  • identifies the thesis/conclusions of that source

NOTE: You may NOT simply copy the abstract to do this)

  • explains why it is useful to you 

Note: In your explanation, you should draw upon the 7 common ways to use sources that is outlined on the Harvard Writes website

Please note that this section should take the form of a formal Reference/Works Cited page, and should adhere to proper formatting requirements. 

PRO TIP: I am asking for much less information that what typically goes into an annotated bibliography.  If you go to the library or other resources for support, it won’t align; make sure to bring this outline with you so that the tutors/staff can see what is required. 

Make sure to provide the information that I’m asking for and follow my directions for this assignment to avoid losing marks and doing more work than necessary.

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Sheridan College – Annotated Bibliographies:

Research Outline and Annotated Bibliography Assignment Rubric

Please note that the part where the marks are allocated is identified and colour coded in the rubric

Annotated: Academic Source?  All sources used are academic in nature and relevant to the essay proposal  Some sources are not (1-2) being used are not academic in nature OR are not relevant to the essay proposal  Most sources (3+) being used are not academic in nature OR are not relevant to the essay proposal  
Annotated: 150-200 Word Analysis?  Annotation (analysis) for all sources is between 150-200 words  Some sources (1-2) do not meet the 150-200 word requirement  Most sources (3+) do not meet the 150-200 word requirement  
Annotated: Proper APA/MLA formatting?  APA/MLA formatting is (near) perfect with less than 2 minor errors  Some errors are present in the APA/MLA formatting (3-5) but the errors are not egregious   Many errors (6+) have been made in the APA/MLA formatting, and the work demonstrates errors that should have been addressed in the editing process  
Annotated: Summary of main arguments/ questions of articles?  The main arguments/points/questions of the articles are correctly identified and presented in each reference  Some of the main arguments/points/questions of the articles are correctly identified and presented in each reference  There are frequent errors in the identification of the arguments/points/questions of the articles, the abstract is used, OR this information is not provided  
Annotated: Explanation of usefulness for each article?  The usefulness of each source identified in each source, and includes specific examples of how the student intends to use the source in his or her essay  The usefulness of the source is identified in most entries but/or is vague and imprecise in how evidence from the source will be used.  The usefulness of the sources is not identified in most entries or is vague and imprecise in how evidence from the articles will be used.  This information may not be present or lacks a demonstration of comprehension of course concepts  


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