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GU Science Energy Chart Worksheet

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Name Course Section Date TYPE OF ENERGY Electrical Chemical Sound Nuclear Thermal Describe or Explain (At least three sentences in your own words) HOW IS IT USED? THREE MAN-MADE EXAMPLES (Written or images) THREE NATURAL EXAMPLES (Written or images) TYPE OF ENERGY Mechanical Gravitational Describe or Explain (At least three sentences in your own words) HOW IS IT USED? THREE MAN-MADE EXAMPLES (Written or images) THREE NATURAL EXAMPLES (Written or images) Electrical Electrical energy is the ability of charged particles within an atom to perform a motion or move an object. The movement of electrons between atoms generates its energy. This energy is supplied through an electric circuit. 1 Electricity is used to power lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration systems, power appliances, computers, electronics, and industrial and public transit systems. 1 Electric generators Windmills Hydroelectric power plants 1. Electric fish 2. Solar storms 3. Lightning Chemical Chemical energy alludes to energy emancipated by chemical matters during chemical reactions that convert them into different substances. Chemical energy can be converted to electrical energy. 1 It is stored in bonds of chemical compounds. Chemical batteries: These batteries hoard chemical energy that can be converted to electricity. Incineration is a chemical reaction that transfers chemical energy to light and heat. Petroleum Chemical batteries Natural gas 1. Coal 2. Wood 3. Petroleum Sound The passage of energy through a medium, such as air or water, is sound. Vibrations create it. 1 Solids, liquids, and gases transmit waves. 2 Sound energy is used for hearing. An air conditioning fan. 2 an airplane taking off the bell dinging on a microwave 3 a buzzing bee 2 a broom swishing a ballerina dancing in toe shoes Nuclear Nuclear energy is generated by breaking atoms in a vessel to change water to steam. It is then utilized to spin a turbine and produce electricity. There are 93 nuclear reactors. Nuclear energy generates electricity that can power residential, commercial, and healthcare buildings (Zhang, 2022). Smoke detectors (americium) Luminous watches (tritium) Lantern mantles 1. Space Exploration 2. Nuclear Medicine. 3. Food Treatments Thermal Thermal energy is the energy stored within a system responsible for maintaining its temperature. Heat flows through a medium as thermal energy. 3 Therefore, thermal energy is also heat energy. 4 Thermal energy can be used productively in various ways, including cooking, drying, heating, smoking, baking, water heating, cooling, and manufacturing. 5 A cup of hot chocolate Baking in an oven. The heat from a heater. Rubbing your hand together. Melting ice Heat energy in the Ocean. Mechanical Mechanical energy alludes to an entity’s energy due to its movement or location. 4 Mechanical energy can take the arrangement of either kinetic or potential energy. Mechanical energy is also referred to as Kinetic energy. Normally, mechanical energy is employed to perform productive work (Li, 2022). 1 Mechanical energy is required to propel a car, truck, rail, or aircraft by turning the wheels or pushing air behind it. Hammer. Dart Gun. Wind Mill. 1. Hydropower plant. 2. Cycling. 3. 
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