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ENGT244 King Saud University Importance of Technology in Translation

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Running head: INTEGRATION OF MOBILE APPS INTO EDUCATION Sample Research Paper This is the running head. The words “Running head:” should only appear on the title page. On all subsequent pages, the header should consist of the title in all capital letters. Be sure that the title within the running head is 50 characters or less including spaces. Integration of Mobile Apps into Education Student Name Columbia Southern University Paper Format 1 inch margins Double spacing Suggested font-Times New Roman 12 pt. Paragraphs indented .5 inch (usually default Tab) 1 INTEGRATION OF MOBILE APPS INTO EDUCATION This is the running head. Center the full title of the document. Not Boldface. 2 Integration of Mobile Apps into Education Technology has become an important element in almost every aspect of people’s lives. It has been integrated into the educational process over and over again throughout the years and has given newer and better tools to help facilitate learning. One such tool, the Internet, has given the area of distance education digital steroids that have propelled online learning into a major league status. In keeping up with emerging technologies, schools are now hoping to incorporate mobile learning into both their traditional and distance classes. Many universities are creating mobile apps to allow students to participate in their classwork in and out of the classroom (Olavsrud, 2011). The question for educators becomes whether mobile apps are valid and When paraphrasing information, text citations should include the author(s) and the year of publication. If no year is available, use n.d. for Pros of the Issue no date within the parentheses. valuable tools or unneeded additions to their curriculums. This is a level one heading. Centered, Boldface. Today people are on their phones, email on their phones, shop on their phones, and look for the best gas prices on their phones. Anything someone can do on his or her computer, he or she can do on his or her phone. In most professions, it would be difficult to succeed without a mobile device. It allows for more efficient work. To facilitate learning, one might ask why not access and use all that mobile technology has to offer. Kukulska-Hulme and Traxler (as cited in Zawacki-Richter, Brown, & Delport, 2009) state that mobile technologies can “open up new opportunities for independent investigations, practical fieldwork, professional updating, and onthe-spot access to knowledge. They can also provide the mechanism for improved individual learner support and guidance, and for more efficient course administration and management” (para. 14). Information from someone who is quoted within the source but is not the author of the source is called a secondary source. Here is an example of how to cite a secondary source. Notice that Kukulska-Hulme and Traxler are not listed on the reference page because they are quoted within the text by Zawacki-Richter, Brown, and Delport. Since this is a direct quote, a page or paragraph number must be included to show where the quoted information is found and will come at the end of the quote if the author(s) and date are at the beginning of the sentence. INTEGRATION OF MOBILE APPS INTO EDUCATION 3 Mobile applications (apps) can be used with campus maps and GPS location to help students navigate across campuses as well as access school directories and event schedules. Additionally, students can research schools’ libraries and other facilities, find reference information, practice needed skills, submit assignments, and access grades (Engebretson, 2010). Campus groups can use apps to send mass messages and conduct anonymous polling. “Professors are able to utilize apps to send attendance reports, send automatic emails to absent students, and have class or group discussion forums” (Engebretson, 2010, para. 3). General educational apps from various authors can be downloaded by students and can be very beneficial. Apps in English language arts; mathematics; science; history and geography; language development; art, music, and creativity; reference, productivity, and collaboration; and accessibility could all play significant rolls in many educational venues (Apple, 2012). Cons of the Issue Direct quotations require the listing of the author(s), year of publication, and the page or paragraph number. As with any improvement to a system, there are difficulties and obstacles to overcome. One issue that surrounds using mobile apps in education is that educators are trying to fit the apps into the traditional, centuries’ old version of teaching (Olavsrud, 2011). This is like fitting a square peg into a round hole, and less tech-savvy educators would rather not have to deal with yet another technological advancement. Within learning institutions, having apps that are usable on a variety of systems is also an obstacle (Olavsrud, 2011). Students and educators are using varying devices and systems, and apps need to be able to work efficiently across all these systems. Long writing assignments are also difficult to accomplish through an app on a phone or tablet. Although shorter discussion forums work well, most would agree that essays and any kind of creative design are too complex to work out on a mobile device. Security issues also have to be recognized and dealt with, especially “compliance with the Family Educational Rights If a quote is not a complete thought and is used as part of sentence, the quote will NOT begin with a capital letter. INTEGRATION OF MOBILE APPS INTO EDUCATION This is another way to cite a direct quote when using the author’s 4 name within the sentence. and Privacy Act (FERPA) pertaining to student records” (Olavsrud, 2011, p. 22). Quillen (2011) also explains that there are not many apps out there that have “content designed to fit the face-toface classroom” (p. 16). Most apps designed to run on hand-held devices do not let teachers monitor student progress or save student data. Academic writing does not include 1st person (I, me, my) unless the My Position on the Issue assignment requires personal opinions. As an educator, I want to use anything that will benefit my students. Looking at the overwhelming advantages of mobile apps and their potential use within academia, I believe they will become an important asset to education. I would like for my GED students to be able to use mobile apps to help them succeed in their test preparation. There are not any adult basic education apps, but there are some apps for basic subjects that could be integrated into our curriculum. 
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