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Dallas County Community College Biology Lab Report

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BioLab3 DNA Lab Report Name, date, course and section required for password: The lab report is unique each semester and checks have been put into place to ensure students are doing their own work. Copying from other students or from outside resources will result in a zero on the accompanying lab quiz. I. DNA Structure 1. Which two scientists are credited with discovering DNA? ANSWER: James Watson and Francis Crick 2. Name the nitrogen bases that are pyrimidines. ANSWER: Cytosine and Thymine 3. Which nitrogen base pairs with cytosine? ANSWER: Guanine 4. A 5-carbon sugar, nitrogen base, and a phosphate group make up a ANSWER: deoxyribose sugar. II. DNA Replication 1. How many times does replication occur in the life of a cell? 2. Briefly describe the process of replication. 3. In the lab, Exercise 2, the original strand on the left had the bases shown below. Input the new bases that correctly pair with the original strand. Original New C A G T III. RNA Structure 1. List three ways RNA and DNA differ. ANSWER: © 2016 Access Learning Systems SP22 1 2. Refer to Exercise 3 and record the bases of the RNA strand that is produced from the replicated DNA strand. DNA RNA C A G T 3. Which nitrogen base is not found in RNA? IV. RNA Synthesis 1. How is transcription different from replication? 2. 3. Name three types of RNA. ANSWER: 4. Refer to Exercise 4. Write the letters for the base sequence of mRNA in the spaces below DNA. Note that the order is reversed; start with the 3’ end of the DNA strand and the 5’ end of the mRNA strand. Transcription is DNA to mRNA. Note RNA contains Uracil instead of Thymine; There is no thymine in RNA. DNA 3’ mRNA 5’ V. C G T C G T C C A A T T 5’ 3’ Protein Synthesis 1. Where in the cell does translation take place? 2. What type of RNA provides the amino acids to build polypeptide chains? 3. If a mRNA strand has the bases 5’ AGC 3’, what amino acid will be translated? Refer to the printable chart in Exercise 5. VI. Genes 1. Give an example of a disorder that results from changes in the amino acid sequence. 2. Define gene. © 2016 Access Learning Systems SP22 2 3. What causes sickle cell anemia? VII. Gene Cloning 1. What is cloning and how does it occur? 2. Print the document in Exercise 6. Complete the activity along with the video demonstration. Sign, date, and prepare an image of your final product and include with your lab report. Summary Questions 1. Describe the structure of DNA. 2. Which nitrogen bases pair within DNA? 3. List three differences between DNA & RNA. DNA RNA 4. Compare transcription and translation. 5. If the base sequence on one DNA strand is 3’ ATGCTTAAC 5’, what will the sequence be on the other strand of the helix during replication? DNA DNA 3’ 5’ A T G C T T A A C 5’ 3’ 6. If 3’ TGACCCATC 5’ serves as the template for transcription, what will be the sequence of nitrogen bases on the newly formed RNA strand? DNA mRNA 3’ 5’ G G © 2016 Access Learning Systems T A SP22 C A T G A 5’ 3’ 3 7. If a mRNA sequence is 3’ GCC 5’, give the amino acid coded for during translation. Refer to the chart in Exercise 5 of the Lab. 8. Describe two disadvantages of genetic engineering. © 2016 Access Learning Systems SP22 4 Lab 8 – DNA Structure and Function Print this document for use with sections 5-7. V. Protein Synthesis DNA Triplet (3-5) mRNA Codon (5-3) Amino Acid Specified ATT ATC ACT UAA UAG UGA Chain Terminating CGA CGG CGT CGC GCU GCC GCA GCG GCA GCG GCT GCC TCT TCC CGU CGC CGA CGG AGA AGG TTA TTG AAU AAC Asparagine CTA CTG GAU GAC Aspartic Acid ACA ACG UGU UGC Cysteine GTT GTC CAA CAG Glutamine CTT CTC GAA GAG Glutamic Acid CCA CCG CCT CCC GGU GGC GGA GGG Glycine GTA GTG CAU CAC Histidine TAA TAG TAT AUU AUC AUA Isoleucine Alanine Arginine DNA Triplet (3-5) mRNA Codon (5-3) AAT AAC GAA GAG GAT GAC UUA UUG CUU CUC CUA CUG TTT TTC AAA AAG Lysine Leucine TAC AUG Methionine AAA AAG UUU UUC Phenylalanine CGA GGG GGT GGC AGA ACG AGT AGC TCA TCG CCU CCC CCA CCG UCU UCC UCA UCG AGU AGC TGA TGG TGT TGC ACU ACC ACA ACG Threonine ACC UGG Tryptophan ATA ATG UAU UAC Tyrosine CAA CAG CAT CAC GUU GUC GUA GUG Valine Codon and specified amino acid 1 Amino Acid Specified Proline Serine VI. Genes Hemoglobin A DNA PROTEIN Hemoglobin S DNA PROTEIN A-T C-G T-A THREONINE A-T C-G T-A THREONINE C-G C-G T-A PROLINE C-G C-G T-A PROLINE G-C A-T GLUTAMIC ACID A-T G-C T-A VALINE A-T , G-C A-T GLUTAMIC ACID A-T A-T A-T A-T G-C A-T GLUTAMIC ACID A-T LYSINE A-T A-T A-T DNA base sequence for HbA and HbS 2 LYSINE VII. Gene Cloning Bacterial model 3 | |
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