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CUNY BMCC Transliterate the Words Below from Greek to English Questions

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1) Transliterate the words below from Greek to English: 20% (1% each) Greek uppercase / lowercase 1. ANΘΡΩΠΟΛΟΓΙΑ / ἀνθρωπολογία 2. BAΚΤΗΡΙΟΝ / βακτήριον 3. ΗΜΙΣΦΑΙΡΙΟΝ / ἡμισφαίριον 4. ΕΘΝΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ / ἐθνογραφία 5. ΕΥΛΟΓΙΑ / εὐλογία 6. ΙΠΠΟΠΟΤΑΜΟΣ / ἱπποπόταμος 7. ΜΥΘΟΛΟΓΙΑ / μυθολογία 8. ΑΠΟΛΟΓΗΤΙΚΟΣ / ἀπολογητικός 9. ΚΙΝΗΜΑΤΙΚΟΣ / κινηματικός 10. ΠΑΡΩΔΙΑ / παρῳδία 11. ΥΠΕΡΤΑΣΙΣ / ὑπέρτασις 12. ΜΕΤΑΜΟΡΦΩΣΙΣ / μεταμόρφωσις 13. ΒΡΟΓΧΟΣ / βρόγχος 14. ΟΜΟΓΕΝΗΣ / ὁμογενής 15. ΑΥΤΟΜΑΤΟΣ / αὐτόματος 16. ΣΦΟΓΓΟΣ / σφόγγος 17. ΤΡΑΥΜΑΤΙΚΟΣ / τραυματικός 18. ΨΕΥΔΩΝΥΜΟ / ψευδώνυμο 19. ΥΓΙΕΙΝΟΣ / ὑγιεινός 20. ΑΕΡΟΔΥΝΑΜΙΚΟΣ / ἀεροδυναμικός English transliteration → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → 2) Write the stem of the following Latin nouns: 10% (1% each) Noun: 1. civis-civis (citizen) 2. cohors-cohortis (enclosure) 3. fortis-fortis (brave) 4. magnus-magni (large) 5. nomen-nominis (name) 6. mons-montis (mountain) 7. ordo-ordinis (rank) 8. salus-salutis (health) 9. sopor-soporis (sleep) 10. clemens-clementis (gentle) Stem: → → → → → → → → → → 3) Write the stems of the following Latin verbs: 20% (1% each) Verb: 1. clamo-clamatum-clamare (shout) 2. debeo-debitum-debere (owe) 3. rego-rectum-regere (rule) 4. serpo-serptum-serpere (crawl) 5. tolero-toleratum-tolerare (carry) 6. spero-speratum-sperare (wish) 7. vaco-vacatum-vacare (empty) 8. fallo-falsum-fallere (deceive) 9. nutrio-nutritum-nutrire (feed) 10. levo-levatum-levare (lift) Present Stem → → → → → → → → → → Perfect Stem → → → → → → → → → → 4) Write 1 English derivative for 5 Greek words from Exercise 1: 5% (1% each) Greek word or transliteration English derivative → → → → → 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5) Write 1 English derivative for 5 Latin words from Ex. 2 and 3: 5% (1% each) Latin word or root 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. English derivative → → → → → 6) Matching question: write the letter next to the number: 15% (1.5% each) 1. Etymology a. the study of literature, and of written records 2. Lexicography b. is a variety of the regular form of a language 3. Orthography c. The largest and most widely diffused language family 4. Philology d. is a language not related to any other language 5. Vocabulary e. language formed by mixing of two others or more 6. Americanization f. correct spelling of the words, the right way to write 7. Indo-European g. the body of words used in a particular language 8. Dialect h. the science of compiling dictionaries 9. Creole i. the study of the history, origin, derivation of a word 10.“orphan” / “isolate” j. reform of orthography in English, (e.g. center / centre) 7) Matching questions: write the letter next to the number. 25/100 (1% each) 1. Zeus/ Jupiter a. messenger of the gods, travel, commerce 2. Hera/ Juno b. god of light, sun, prophecy, arts 3. Athena/ Minerva c. blacksmith, god of the forge and fire 4. Poseidon/ Neptune d. wife of Pluto, goddess of the Underworld 5. Apollo e. goddess of marriage and family 6. Hermes/ Mercury f. goddess of the hunt, virginity, archery 7. Aphrodite/ Venus g. god of war and violence 8. Demeter/ Ceres h. god of the sky, storms, thunder 9. Persephone/ Proserpine i. goddess of wisdom 10. Ares/ Mars j. goddess of love, passion, procreation 11. Artemis/ Diana k. father of the Cyclops, god of the sea 12. Hephaestus/ Vulcan l. goddess of harvest, fertility, agriculture 13. Dionysus/ Bacchus m. god of wine, ecstasy and the grape 1. January a. the month of purification, before the new year 2. February b. seventh (
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