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Creative Non-Fiction

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Option 1: Creative Non-Fiction
For the creative non-fiction piece, you may choose from either of the two prompts below. As a
noted, your piece must be a minimum of 500 words.

  1. Second Person: Write about a distinct memory in the second person voice. Tell the whole
    story in the second person. “You are digging a hole next to the apricot tree, your
    fingernails crusted with dry dirt, your bare toes wiggling in dust.” Second person point of
    view allows you to keep an emotional distance that might lead you to recall surprising
  2. The Impact of Art: Art is all around us, whether it be paintings hung in a museum, great
    works of literature, films that have moved us, or video games that capture our
    imaginations. Choose a piece of art that you have strong feelings for, whether positive or
    negative, and write about it. Describe the piece in depth, while also exploring your
    feelings on the piece and why it affected you.
    Option 2: Poetry
    Choose TWO of the poetry prompts below and write a brief poem on the piece. While you’re
    welcome to explore varying structural options, your poems must feature a minimum of 50 words.
  3. The Untouchable: Something that will always be out of reach
  4. Cold Water: What feelings do you associate with cold water? Maybe it’s a refreshing
    cold glass of water on a hot day, or maybe you imagine the feelings associated with being
    plunged into the icy river in the winter.
  5. Goodbyes: Write about a time in your life you said goodbye to someone – this could be
    as simple as ending a mundane phone conversation, or harder goodbyes to close friends,
    family members, or former partners.
  6. Recipe: Write your poem in the form of a recipe. This can be for something tangible,
    such as a cake, or it can be a more abstract concept such as love or happiness. List
    ingredients and directions for mixing and tips for cooking up your concept to perfection.
  7. You Are Wrong: Write a poem where you tell someone they are wrong and why.
    Option 3: A One-Act Play
    Select from one of the three prompts below and create a short play. Your play must have a
    minimum of two speaking characters and must be a minimum of 400 words (this includes only
    the spoken dialogue of the characters or the stage directions – the repeated names of characters to
    indicate who is speaking do not count).
  8. Write a murder scene: Your mission should you choose to accept, write a scene in which
    someone dies… at the hands of another.
  9. An Apology: It could be self-generated. It could be forced. It could be spontaneous. It
    could be planned. It could be honest. It could be a lie. But the fact is somebody did
    someone wrong… and that somebody needs to ‘fess up.
  10. A First Date: Two people, two dogs, a snake and a penguin, an angel and a demon,
    whatever! Write a scene in which two characters are on a first date. Whether it goes well
    or not is up to you!
    Option 4: A Short Fiction Piece
    Choose one prompt from among the four below. Your short fiction piece can be from any genre
    and can be written in any voice (1st, 2nd
    , or 3rd). The piece must be a minimum of 500 words.
  11. Haunted: A middle-aged woman who lives alone discovers a ghost in her home.
  12. Transformed: A man or woman wakes up as his/her dog or cat and it’s breakfast time.
  13. Unexpected Guest: Your character is at a friend’s house for a dinner party. Suddenly,
    someone they absolutely despise walks in.
  14. The House in the Woods: Two characters are lost in the woods and find a large, lit-up
    house with a fire lit in the hearth. Upon entering, they soon discover that nobody seems to
    be home


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