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CEE 81B UCI Civil Engineering Top 10 California Reservoirs by Volume Lab Report

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CEE 81B Homework #7 Civil Engineering Practicum II, Winter 2022 Add XY Data, Edit Attribute Tables, and Digitize Points and Polygons Due before the start of your next lab session. When submitting your homework, please upload it to Canvas as one single PDF file. The file name should include the assignment number, your first and last name, and your student ID number (e.g., HW7_FirstName_LastName_12345678.pdf). Double (triple) check that all parts of your homework have been saved before submitting. NOTE: If you do not have MS Excel, you can use Google Sheets. You will need to download your Google Sheet as a CSV file for it to be compatible with ArcMap (File → Download As → Comma-separated Values). Shapefiles: You only need the States.shp layer that was used in the previous homework assignments. The other layers you will be creating. Part 1 – Add XY Data Make your CSV data file 1. Open a new Excel spreadsheet file (or Google Sheet) 2. Save it as CA_Reservoir_XYData.csv if using Excel. (If you are using Google Sheets, name it CA_Reservoir_XYData and download as a Comma-separated Values file once you are done entering the data.) a. Note that you must save it as a CSV (comma separated values) file for import since ArcMap will not accept any other file type (e.g., it will not accept .xlsx). 1 of 13 3. Enter the below data: x -122.353611 -121.483333 -122.723333 -120.52 -121.131111 -120.373611 -122.163611 -121.158056 -121.1175 -120.280278 y 40.754167 39.537222 40.86 38.000556 37.067778 37.741667 38.531389 40.229722 38.723889 37.636389 Lake_Name Shasta Lake Lake Oroville Trinity Lake New Malones Lake San Luis Reservoir Don Pedro Reservoir Lake Berryesa Lake Almanor Folsom Lake Lake McClure Volume_acrefeet 4552000 3537577 2448000 2400000 2041000 2030000 1602000 1308000 1120200 1024600 a. Note that the data column headers all start with a letter and use underscores to represent spaces (only letters, numbers, and underscores are allowed in headers) b. AND note that the header row is in the first row of the spreadsheet (ArcMap will only look at the first row for the header names) c. x and y MUST be in the first two data columns, again this is because ArcMap only looks at the first columns for latitude and longitude information. 4. Save or download as a CSV file (Again, ArcMap will NOT accept .xlsx files!) Start your new map document in ArcMap 5. Open a blank map document 6. Save your new map document 7. Go to File → Map Document Properties → click the box next to: Store relative pathnames to data sources → click OK Set up a new File Geodatabase for this homework 8. Right-click your Home folder in the Catalog panel → Select New → File Geodatabase 9. Change the name of your new FileGDB to: HW7.gdb 10. Make it your default GDB for this homework: a. Right-click HW7.gdb → Make Default Geodatabase Add the States layer 11. Add the States layer 12. Change the States layer’s Symbology to Hollow (because you just want the borders to display, no fill) Add the Basemap 13. Zoom in to California before the next step so that you don’t have to wait for the entire basemap for the whole world to render 2 of 13 14. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Add Data icon in your ArcMap toolbar → Select Add Basemap → Light Gray Canvas Add your XY Data 15. File → Add Data → Add XY Data 16. In the pop-up window: a. Click the folder button → Find and select your CA_Reservoirs_XYData.csv file b. X Field: x c. Y Field: y d. Z Field: e. VERY IMPORTANT (otherwise your data will not display): i. Below the Coordinate System box → click the Edit button 1. Scroll down through the Coordinate System folder until you find the Layers folder 2. Select GCS_WGS_1984 f. Click OK g. Click OK h. Object-ID Field warning box: Click OK i. (It’s just telling you that you need to export your XY data points to a feature class (vector layer); see the next step for how to do this.) 17. Right-click CA_Reservoirs_XYData Events in your Table of Contents list → Data → Export Data → Rename the layer Reservoirs and save to your HW7.gdb i. If you don’t do this step, your data will not be assigned Object-IDs Displaying your reservoir volume data 18. Using your new Reservoirs layer, change the layer’s Symbology to: j. Quantities → Graduated Symbols k. In Graduated Symbols: i. Value: Volume_acrefeet ii. Symbol size from 12 to 40 iii. Classes: 4 3 of 13 iv. Click the Template button 1. Symbol: Circle 2 2. Color: Dark Amethyst Add your map components and export your map! 19. Go to Layout View 20. Make sure you are zoomed so that all of California is visible 21. Add: l. Title m. North Arrow n. Legend i. 0.5 pt Border, with a 5-pt. x and y gap ii. Grey 10% Background, with a 5-pt. x and y gap o. Scalebar 22. Save your .mxd one more time 23. File → Export Map → Save your finished map as a PDF 4 of 13 5 of 13 Part 2 – Digitizing Polygons and Points, and Editing Attribute Tables In a new map document, add in the same States and Basemap layer from Part 1. Use all the same settings and colors as in Part 1. For this map, you will be digitizing polygons and points to make a map of Lake Tahoe, CA and its surrounding cities. You will then edit the empty Attribute Tables for each layer to add in the data you wish to display. Digitizing the lake polygon 1. Use Add Basemap again to add the Light Gray Canvas basemap 2. Add the States layer → Make it Hollow 3. Find Lake Tahoe along the California-Nevada border and zoom to it (it’s in the bend along the eastern border) 4. Zoom in as far as you can, but be sure the whole lake is still visible in your ArcMap window a. You will be drawing an approximation of the lake’s shape… but you do not have to zoom in for every inlet and rock. However, please do include the larger bays and shoreline features that are visible when zoomed to the extent where you can see the whole lake on your screen. 5. In the Catalog pane → right-click HW7.gdb → New → Feature Class a. Name: Lake_Tahoe b. Type:
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