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CE 112 Mt. Hood Community College Engineering Worksheet

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CE 112 Homework 1 (due Jan. 22 @ 11:59 PM to Canvas Dropbox) Winter 2022 Instructions ● ● ● ● The due date for this assignment is Saturday, January 22 11:59 PM PST. Submit your Excel worksheet with clearly named tabs and formatting applied for all problems. For problems 1 and 2, you may find the FE Reference Handbook helpful. For your own free PDF copy, see: Not that to complete this assignment it is expected that you use Excel 2019. Older versions of Excel or Excel for Mac may lack some of the functionality required to complete the assignment. Problem 1 (10 points, 2 points per answer) Create an Excel workbook. Label a worksheet “Problem 1”. Insert a scan of your handwritten calculations or typeset them in Excel. Do not use the built-in Excel conversion function for this problem. Convert the values below to the units indicated by using the unit fractions / unit calculation method. Remember to report the correct number of significant figures. a. b. c. d. e. 900 N to lbf 110 kPa to psi 9.81 m/s2 to ft/s2 1500 kg/m3 to lbm/ft3 450 Watts/m2 to BTU/ft2/day Note: lbm = pound mass; lbf = pound force. An example of the unit fractions/unit cancellation method see: Introduction to Unit Conversion Problem 2 (5 points, 0.5 point per answer) In the same Excel workbook, create a new worksheet and label it “Problem 2”. Convert the quantities below to the units shown. First attempt to use the CONVERT function. If CONVERT does not work, identify either a different function or series of formulas that may be used to accomplish the conversion. Within the Excel spreadsheet, organize your calculations in a Given/Find/Solution format. Present your final conversion in a table format. Use Excel formatting tools to create a document that is easy to review. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. CE 112 2 cm to m 40 m3 to ft3 3800 N to lbf 400 kPa to psi 50 m/s to mph 2 acre to ft2 3.74 rad to decimal degrees 9.81 m/s2 to ft/s2 2000 kg/m3 to lbm/ft3 102 kip to lbf 1 of 3 CE 112 Homework 1 (due Jan. 22 @ 11:59 PM to Canvas Dropbox) Winter 2022 Problem 3 (5 points, 1 point per answer) In the same Excel workbook, create a new worksheet and label it “Problem 3”. Create a spreadsheet that calculates the volume (in m3) of a rectangular prism based on its height, width, and length for the 5 prisms described in the table below. Organize your calculations in a Given/Find/Solution format. Present your final answers in a table format and be sure to format the results in appropriate significant figures. Height Width Length mm mm mm A 750 115 1250 B 500 500 500 C 125 200 2000 D 1000 550 25.0 E 200 50 200 Prism Problem 4 (10 points) In the same Excel workbook, create a new worksheet and label it “Problem 4”. Create a spreadsheet that calculates the estimated total cost to complete sidewalk repairs. The existing sidewalk is removed and a new sidewalk is installed as summarized in the table below: Sidewalk Section Length (ft) A B C D E 50 25 100 110 30 The following are variable inputs: ● ● ● ● ● Removal of existing sidewalk, $4 per square foot. Labor to install new concrete, $5 per square foot. Material cost of concrete, $300 per cubic yard. Depth of new concrete for the sidewalk, 4 inches. Width of sidewalk, 5 feet. Note that concrete can only be purchased in full cubic yards (e.g., 2 cubic yards). Setup your spreadsheet so that you can change the variables and the total cost estimate will change. Format your spreadsheet so that the variable cell inputs are clear to a user (i.e., color or shade them) and be sure to label the units of all inputs and outputs. CE 112 2 of 3 CE 112 Homework 1 (due Jan. 22 @ 11:59 PM to Canvas Dropbox) Winter 2022 Problem 5 (10 points + 2 bonus points) In the same Excel workbook, create a new worksheet and label it “Problem 5”. Download the spreadsheet “highway_data (217NB 4-2019).xlsx”. Copy and paste these data into your worksheet “Problem 5”. Insert a few rows at the top of the worksheet to present your final answers to questions 1-4 in a table formatted to appropriate significant digits. Analysis to complete: 1. Find and use the Excel functions that will allow you to complete the values in the columns labeled “hour” and “dayofweek” in the table by extracting this information from the “starttime” column. 2. Apply conditional formatting to the day of the week column so you can see weekdays and weekends clearly. 3. Explore options for conditional formatting of the speed_mph column lets you see when the lowest speeds are occurring (days and times). Questions to answer: 1. Generally, what is your observation about when lowest speeds are occurring? 2. What is the average speed at this location? 3. How many observations are blank for the speed_mph, volume, and occupancy columns? 4. BONUS 2 pts – The data rows are in 15-minute intervals. Information is recorded every 20 seconds so the “countreadings” c
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