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BSBPMG517 Assignment

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· By Dr Sheikh Asadullah
Total Tasks: 03
Due dates:
Role play : 17/08/21 for Tuesday Students and 21/08/21 for Saturday students.
All Tasks : 22 /08/21 (Sunday)
Assessment Task 1 (Knowledge Test)
Total 10 Questions to be answered on the Moodle. Student book Power Point Slides available in the MOODLE can be useful for the answers. Students may refer to other resources.

Question 1:
Using your own words, explain the importance of involving stakeholders when determining risk objectives and standards. Explain in 50-75 words


Question 2:
Using your own words, explain project risk context and project risk category. For both Internal & External risk contexts, provide two examples of each and their associated risk categories. Explain in 50-75 words


Question 3:
Using your own words, explain any two (2) valid and reliable risk identification methods. Explain in 50-75 words.


Question 4:
Using your own words, explain risk analysis classification criteria and the risk ranking system. Explain in 60-90 words


Question 5:
Explain the risk analysis process using your own words. Explain in 50-75 words


Question 6:
Explain the need to prioritise risks and how this prioritisation is determined in agreement with the key project stakeholders. Use your own words and explain in 50-75 words


Question 7:
Using your own words, explain the five (5) steps involved in identifying and controlling risks? Answer in 75-100 words


Question 8:
Using your own words, explain the four (4) risk treatment responses that can be used during risk management. Explain in 75-100 words.


Question 9:
Using your own words, explain any three (3) of the risk review processes that can be used to monitor the risk environment and maintain the currency of the risk plan. Explain in 80-100 words.

Question 10:
Using your own words, explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative analysis and give two (2) examples of each. Answer in 60-90 words.

Assessment Task 2 (Role play and Assignment)
Task 2.1- Role play
This task requires you to participate in the role play with other 03 students, playing the role of the Project Manager on the Albright Computer Lab Project (Case study). Your assessor will participate in the role as Project Sponsor. You are to conduct a structured risk identification meeting (risk workshop) with your Project sponsor. In the meeting:
· Identify risks and risk objectives, standards and risk context for the project with input from your project stakeholders using the template provided separately.
· Identify a range of project risks and classify them into the correct risk categories. Analyse each risk to check if it is risk, threat or opportunity. Complete the Risk register with identified risks.
· Determine risk classification criteria and apply rank and prioritise to the identified risks. Use the template provided.
· Discuss strategies for risk mitigation with your stakeholders and identify risk mitigation activities, due date and the owner of each risk and update risk plan.
Following on from your risk workshop/role play you need to document all risks correctly into the risk register (Template A) and circulate the risk register to your project sponsor.
Task 2.2
Write an email to your project sponsor and your other team members (stakeholders) on your project. In this email you must explain the following:
· How you arrived at the risk classification and treatments detailed on the risk register during your project risk workshop.
· What your plans are to establish regular risk workshops which will serve as the opportunity to review your processes, monitor the risk environment and maintain currency of the risk plan.
Page 6 of 6
Template A: Risk Register

Assessment Task 3: Project Activity
You are the Project Manager on the Albright College Management System project. You are in the execution phase and during a weekly project team meeting the following risks and issues are raised by some of your team members:
1. One of the testers who has been assigned to complete the testing of the new CMS has had an accident and he won’t be able to attend work for next 3 months. This will leave you one tester short and will delay your project delivery until you’re able to recruit and then train a new person.
2. The Marketing team want some screen shots of the new CMS so they can begin promoting the advantages of the new streamlined processes to our Agents with the aim of recruiting additional students. This is going to take approximately 3 weeks to complete (prior to the new software being fully developed) and will require additional resources as well as slowing down the overall project.
3. The Vendor of the new software informed you that they have detected a bug in a part of their software that manages the student submission process. They want to delay delivery of the final component of the software by 3-4 weeks (at least) to allow for a fix of their product and final testing to ensure the bug has been fixed.
Part A: As a Project manager,
Task 3.1
Come up with the responses for the identified risks with mitigation activities and update the project risk register with these details.
To submit: A new/revised project risk register showing the 3 new risks detailed above in the scenario. Therefore, a revised/updated version of the risk register (following the Template A) needs be submitted.
Task 3.2 Write and email to your project sponsor to request approval of the updated risk register and the new treatments so you can maintain the currency of risk treatments and controls.
To submit: An email of approximately 25-35 words to your project sponsor requesting their approval for the updated register and risk treatments as detailed in Task 3.2 above.
Task 3.3 Assume that the project sponsor has approved your plan on mitigating the identified risks. One of the suggestions to handle the loss of the injured tester was to hire an external consultant/tester for next 3 months. Write an email to the Human Resources Manager to ask her to urgently start work on hiring a replacement tester.
To submit: An email to the human resources manager requesting they commence recruiting a new worker as detailed in Task 3.3 above.
Part B: Assume that the project has completed. You as a project manager have monitored the project closely at regular intervals and need to report to you project sponsor on your activities.
Task 3.4 Prepare a report outlining the project outcomes along with recommendations and lessons learned from the project. Write one final email to your stakeholders asking them for their feedback on the attached report.
To submit:
– A report of approximately 100-150 words describing your project risk management activities on the project. This also needs to explain your lessons learned (use Template B) and highlighting your recommendations for future projects.
– An email of approximately 25-35 words that asks your project stakeholders for their feedback on your report for Task 3.4 above.
Template B: Lessons Learned

IdRaised by: (person or team)Risk categoryDescription of RiskLikelihoodConsequenceOverallStatusRisk treatmentMethod
Overall rating
Date for
R-001Business analystOrganisational
During requirements gathering we have been unable to
contact all stakeholders
Relevant steering committee members have committed
to having their team memebrs available
OccassionalySevereHigh12/11/2016Project Manager
R-002Project ManagerProject Management
Staff absence due to illness/annual leave will delay delivery
of the relevant tasks
OccassionallyModerateMediumOpenAcceptOccassionallyModerateMediumN/AProject Manager
Risk Register – <project name>
Impact &
(H/M/L for each)
Lessons Learned
Practice or
Actions Required To
Implement Lessons
Assigned To
Lessons Learned from <Project Name>
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