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BIO 224 Harold Washington College Clinical Student Orientation Quiz

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Name: _______________________________________ Date: __________________________ School/Course: _______________________________________________________________ Clinical Student Orientation Quiz A. Indicate whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. If the statement is false, discuss how to correct it. 1. ___ The basis of Standard Precautions is the assumption that all body fluids are contaminated. 2. ___ Hand washing is the single most important procedure for preventing the spread of infection. 3. ___ The master file of Material Safety Data Sheets is kept for all employees in the Employee Health Services and hospital intranet. 4. ___ Reporting of near-misses is a vital component of a Patient Safety Program. 5. ___ An injury to an employee is reported immediately to the department supervisor/manager. 6. ___ In the acronym PASS (for use of a fire extinguisher), the letter P stands for Point the extinguisher at the base of the fire. 7. ___ The Standards for Business Conduct provide a framework for conduct, which supports organization-wide honesty and integrity. 8. ___ Language interpretation is available through the Virtual Interpreters and Hospital Interpreters. 9. ___ When lifting an object off the floor, it is important to keep the spine in alignment and the knees straight and stiff. 10. ___ A Code White refers to a bomb threat in the hospital. 11. ___ While in the hospital, identification badges must be worn at all times as a security measure. 12. ___ Knocking on the door before entering a patient’s room is one way we respect the patient’s right to privacy. 13. ___ HIPAA policies apply only to Swedish’s management team. 14. ___ A patient’s name, age, address and social security number are all part of a patient’s protected health information (PHI). Nursing Education Department 01.2022 15. ___ A hospitalized employee’s health information may be discussed casually among other employees, as long as it is done within the hospital. 16. ___ All linen is placed in the blue linen bag. This includes blood soaked and stool covered linens. Linen is not red bagged, nor thrown in the trash. 17. ___ When nursing assistants function as a sitter for a patient, patients are accompanied to the bathroom or shower, leaving the door open and keeping the patient in view, if necessary. 18. ___ Physician orders for non-violent or soft restraints are renewed every 24 hours. 19. ___ Patient safety standards include accurate patient identification by checking at least two forms of patient ID prior to obtaining lab specimens or administering medications. 20. ___ The amount of blood placed on a blood glucose test strip does not alter the blood glucose reading result. 21. ___ Violent or Behavioral restraints require patient observation every 30 minutes. 22. ___ Sitters are provided for patients who have self-destructive behavior, violent behavior, or psychotic manifestations. 23. ___ Airborne precautions are used on patients with influenza and pneumonia. 24. ___ Contact precautions for a MRSA patient care be terminated when patient is no longer symptomatic AND culture of nares, throat or sputum is negative. 25. ___ Code Blue (crash) Carts are checked daily by nursing personnel. Carts are locked with a pull-tight, numbered code. 26. ___ Lab notifies the nurse of a critical lab value. The nurse notifies the physician and documents in the computer. B. Match the Swedish Code colors and special wrist bands in column I with the situation in column II. Column I _______ 1. Code Red _______ 2. Code Blue _______ 3. Code White _______ 4. Code Gray _______ 5. Purple Wrist Band _______ 6. Red Wrist Band _______ 7. Yellow Wrist Band Nursing Education Department 01.2022 Column II a. Disaster b. Allergy notification/alert c. Cardiac and/or respiratory arrest d. Patient who is DNR (DNAR) status e. Fire f. Fall Risk – Strict Fall Precaution g. Violent person Page 2 of 6 C. Select the best answer. 1. Which of the following interventions will prevent a patient fall: a. Bed rails in raised position b. Call light placed within reach c. No clutter or spills on the floor d. Staying within arm’s reach of the patient e. All of the above. 2. What two patient identifiers are used for patient identification prior to any procedure? a. patient name & room number b. patient name & birth date c. patient name & medical record number from the patient wrist ID band 3. When using the telephone in the hospital to report a Code Red/Fire, a Code Blue/Cardiac Arrest, or a Code Gray/Violent Individual, you should: a. Dial “O” for operator b. Dial 1199 c. Turn on patient’s call light d. Dial 911 4. If your non-intact skin is accidentally exposed to blood/body fluids, you should: a. Wash the exposed area with soap and water as soon as possible b. Report the exposure to your supervisor c. Go to Employee Health Services (EHS), when opened. Notify the nursing supervisor when EHS is closed. d. All of the above 5. Swedish Hospital reports to many governing agencies. The HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) patient survey wants to find out the patient’s perception of care which includes: a. Communication with physicians and nurses b. Staff responsiveness – how fast nursing personnel respond to call lights and other patient needs. c. How effective the pain control and pain management was while a patient was hospitalized. d. All of the above. 6. The correct sequence for the 4 key steps in responding to a fire is: a. ALARM, RESCUE, CONTAIN, EXTINGUISH/EVACUATE b. RESCUE, CONTAIN, ALARM, EXTINGUISH/EVACUATE c. RESCUE, ALARM, CONTAIN, EXTINGUISH/EVACUATE d. None of the above Nursing Education Department 01.2022 Page 3 of 6 7. The Patient Handbook is reviewed with patients/families upon admission. Located within the handbook is information regarding: a. Patient’s rights and responsibilities b. Visiting hours c. Television & patient education programs on TV d. All of the above. 8. Pain Assessment is performed: a. when patient tells you he is in pain b. every shift regardless of pain c. one hour after pain medication administration d. all of the above 9. Before beginning a blood transfusion, the nurse verifies the information on the Blood Transfusion Form at the bedside with the patient in view and a. With label on the blood bag b. With data on patient’s chart c. Verify 2 patient identifiers – name and birth date d. All of the above. 10. In the event of a suspected blood transfusion reaction the nurse should: a. Stop the blood infusion and begin normal saline infusion at a TKO rate b. Notify the physician c. Notify the Blood Bank by telephone d. All of the above. 11. The Braden scale is used to predict a patient’s potential for pressure ulcer development. What score requires intervention? a. Below 15 b. 20 – 24 c. Above 24 12. When a Braden score identifies a patient at risk, what interventions are implemented: a. turn every 2 hours b. keep clean and dry and apply moisture barrier cream for incontinence c. prevent bony prominences from touching each other and elevate heels off of mattress d. All of the above. Nursing Education Department 01.2022 Page 4 of 6 13. Chain of command is initiated whenever a staff member has concerns or conflicts arise regarding: a. safety of patient b. unclear or unsafe orders c. unavailability, unresponsiveness of care provider or unprofessional behavior d. All of the above 14. Nursing and hospital staff know that a patient is on fall precautions because: a. The door will be closed/privacy curtain is pulled b. Family members are in the room of an elderly patient c. A leaf sign is posted: one leaf for bed 1; two leaves for bed 2; yellow wrist band on arm. 15. During a Code Blue the primary care nurse assigned to the patient: a. Directs a nursing assistant or other personnel to obtain the patient chart and care b. plan from the nurse’s station c. Becomes the recording nurse on the CPR data sheet d. Stays in the patient room for the duration of the code e. All of the above. 16. The Core Values of Swedish Hospital include: a. Fairness and equality in the treatment of all individuals b. Truthful and honest disclosures in communications c. Respecting the sanctity, dignity and quality of life d. Doing what is right and doing what is good even beyond that which is expected e. All of the above 17. The Swedish Service Standards of Excellence: a. Apply to all Swedish employees b. Are ways we can help enhance our customers’ perceptions of their experience at Swedish c. Should be followed when interacting with all of our customers (patients, coworkers, physicians, etc.) d. All of the above 18. Basic responsibilities related to customer satisfaction including providing customers with: a. A positive and helpful interaction b. A professional and accurate business transaction c. A quick resolution to problems d. A sincere thank you for their business e. All of the above Nursing Education Department 01.2022 Page 5 of 6 19. Confidential information includes: a. Patient information. b. Business information that is not publicly disclosed (operating plans, budget information, etc.). c. An employee’s personnel information (salary, disciplinary actions, etc.). d. a, b, & c when in printed form only. e. a, b, & c when in printed and/or electronic (computer) form. 20. The Business Conduct Line: a. May be used to request information about business conduct issues b. May be used to report concerns about improper, unethical, or illegal conduct c. May be accessed anonymously, without fear of retribution d. All of the above This quiz verifies the employee/instructor/clinical student received critical information about: Swedish Hospital history, Business Conduct, Human Resources policies, Employee Health, Injury Reporting, Back Protection, Infection Control, OSHA, Customer Satisfaction, Public Safety, Fire Safety, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety and Risk Management, HIPAA. This quiz was graded by and verified: Name: ________________________
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