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Behaviour modifcation – custom papers – The Nursing TermPaper

Behaviour modifcationOrder Descriptionthis is a self behaviour study so think wont require much refrencesBehaviour Modification – Some BackgroundBehaviour modification is a systematic approach to changing behaviour through the application oflearning principles. A great deal of research has established that the environment (in itsinteractions with the organism) exerts substantial control over behaviour. Thus, changingenvironmental contingencies (via antecedents and/or consequences) would be expected toproduce changes in behaviour. However, the notion of an interaction is important, in order for abehaviour modification programme to successfully change behaviour it must be based on a soundunderstanding of the contingencies maintaining the target behaviour. Behaviour modification hasbeen demonstrated to be very effective in a wide range of areas – e.g., education, industry,childcare, prisons, mental health units etc.This experiential learning activity will give you an opportunity to apply basic psychologicalprinciples, and to learn more about your own behaviour. Both your written assessments will bebased on this activity. Assessment 1 will be completed prior to implementation of your behaviourmodification programme – it will include an introduction and background for the study, and aproposed method section. This would normally be the first half of an experimental report – usingliterature to provide the rationale and background for some research (Introduction section) andclearly describing what is done (Method section). Between assessments you will implement yourprogramme and collect data using a simple A-B design. In Assessment 2 you will provide thesecond half of the experimental report – you will present your final method section, results(Results section) and then discuss them in the context of (and linking to) existing research andtheory (Discussion section).Time constraints mean that you need to start planning and working on these assessments as soonas possible. Our suggestion is to keep your target behaviour simple, define it clearly and collectdata in a structured and organised manner. The goal is to get some insight into how behaviouralprinciples operate, how they are applied, and thinking critically about the success or otherwise ofyour programme.We stress that your mark for the second assessment will not be based on the degree to which youmanaged to change your target behaviour, but on the demonstrated understanding andapplication of behavioural principles, and critical evaluation of your programme. With reference tothe1. Explore and critique main principles and concepts of domains of current psychologicalresearch and practice:Show that you understand the relevant principles of behavioural psychologyclearly explain and apply them.Explicitly link the principles to your target behaviour – in terms of its current state,and how you will go about changing it.Justify or support your plan using relevant research.2. Critically reflect on the validity and relevance of psychology to understanding the self,others, present-day contexts and New Zealand society:In your introduction establish the link between your behaviour and the behaviouralprinciples in question – this is key to designing an intervention, and directlyadd resses the lea rning outcomeIn your discussion especially, discuss the strengths and limitations of a behaviouralapproach to understanding and changing your behaviour. You might discuss your
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