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Assignment & discussion Week 2 Cyber Defence and Countermeasures/cf_anchor_hosp_scenario.docx IT4070 Anchor Hospital Scenario You are a netw

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Assignment & discussion

Week 2 Cyber Defence and Countermeasures/cf_anchor_hosp_scenario.docx


Anchor Hospital Scenario
You are a network specialist hired by Anchor Hospital to address network infrastructure vulnerabilities. Your initial work is broad and expected to encompass the following:

Understanding the network.
Physical security.
Cloud solutions.
Intrusion detection.
VPN solutions.
Incident response and countermeasures.
Policy and regulatory issues.
Network exposure assessment and control.
Company Information
Anchor Hospital is a small independent care facility in a stand-alone building that houses its IT staff and assets in the basement. The IT infrastructure and staff of six serve 1,200 employees and other users.
Physical Security
The hospital is on a 10-acre campus in an urban neighborhood. Its IT-related physical security consists of:
A contracted security firm, which supplies two 24/7 guards: one of whom conducts hourly foot patrols, and the second who monitors cameras and performs additional security-related functions.
High-definition cameras that record continuously, located at all points of building entry and sensitive access points including the server room.
Three locked data-center doors requiring key card access that records all traffic. All staff have access cards for their respective departments; only IT staff, janitors, and upper management have access to the IT facility.
IT Overview
Hospital connected to the Internet.
Network segmented into virtual LANs for medical data, IT, and finance user groups.
Windows 2008 domain servers: email, file/print, data servers.
Routers connect switches to VLANs.
Switches connect desktops and servers to network.
Web server located in the DMZ.
100 antimalware-protected Windows XP workstations with Internet access.
Wireless access point.
Windows firewall on a workstation at the edge of the network.
SNORT intrusion detection system (IDS), located in front of the Windows firewall.
MS Office installed on workstations.
Enterprise-level proprietary medical software.
Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.
2017 version of free AVG Antivirus.

Week 2 Cyber Defence and Countermeasures/cf_asst_template.docx

Remove or Replace: Header Is Not Doc Title

Assignment Template

Learner Name:

Lab Screenshots and Narrative
Insert and title all lab screenshots in the order they were taken. Briefly describe what you learned or observed in the lab below each screenshot. Be specific.

[Screenshot section, Step #]

[Screenshot section, Step #]

[Screenshot section, Step #]

[Screenshot section, Step #]

[Add as necessary]

[Add your assignment responses here.]

Week 2 Cyber Defence and Countermeasures/Cyber Defence- Week 2.docx
Discussion 1 page
Firewall Change Control Process
Imagine you finally have your new firewall up and running. After much consultationwith users, its governing rules are in place and functioning properly. However, you receive two requests for changes in the firewall during the first week:
1. The head of marketing would like the local newspaper to havedaily network access to downloademployment ads from the marketing file server.
2. The firewall has broken the head of research and development’s connection to a favorite website. He wants his access back and has asked for your help.
Discuss how you would respond to these requests. What kinds of procedures are needed to ensure that proper requests are implemented and inappropriate requests are denied?

Selecting, Positioning, and Configuring a Firewall


As we have discussed, firewalls can be software or hardware based, and each has its pros and cons. In this assignment you identify an appropriate position for a hardware-based firewall on the Anchor Hospital network and explain why it was chosen to replace Windows Firewall.


Make sure you have completed the unit lab and saved your screenshots before beginning work on the assignment.
Review theAnchor HospitalScenario (linked in Resources)as needed.
Refer to theCreate a Network Diagram tutorial (linked in Resources) as needed.


Populate the Lab Template (linked in Resources)with your screenshots and describe briefly but specificallywhat you learned from or observed in the lab.
Currently the Anchor Hospital network usesWindows Firewall. A decision has been made to switch to a hardware firewall solution. Complete the following:
Position the new hardware for maximum effectiveness in the Anchor network to reflect the positioning.Explain your reasoning for its placement and update your network diagram from the Unit 1 assignment.
. Note:Make sure you have responded to any instructor feedback on your diagram so you are working with an accurate and appropriate diagram.
Suggest threeplausible reasons whyAnchor Hospital might switch to a hardware-based solution from Windows Firewall.
. Explain how the change may enhance network security.

Additional Requirements

Includeyour updated diagram and lab screenshots in the template as specified.
Label your document clearly.
Use an appropriate typeface and size, such as Times New Roman, 12 points, for body copy. Use double-spacing.
Apply current APA style and formatting as appropriate. Operating Sys & App Security – Week 2/Operating Sys & App Security – Week 2.docx
Discussion 1 – 1 page
Characteristics of Access Control and Authentication
Most IT and IAS professionals are familiar with the basic concepts surrounding authentication and access control systems. There are fewer professionals who have taken the time to consider the more granular characteristics of these controls and the options that are available for differentiation, selection, and implementation.
Use the study materials and engage in any additional research needed to fill in knowledge gaps. Discuss the following:
Describe the combination of authentication and access controls that you believe best balance cost, complexity, and security. Support your position.
Explain how domain trusts, isolation technologies, and the separation and organization of those technologies can support a network security strategy.
Describe an example of how encapsulation or encryption contribute to a specific access control or authentication solution.

Assignment 1 – 2 pages
Access Control and Authentication Methods and Models
Access controls and authentication systems are some of the most ubiquitous of all information security controls. Too often these controls still hinge on poorly implemented and managed password strategies. However, there is a wide array of technologies and tools available to organizations seeking to secure their information assets. As governments create more regulations and organizations experience larger and more widely publicized breaches of personal data, these organizations may more frequently turn to additional layers of controls to supplement traditional access and authentication strategies.
Use the study materials and engage in any additional research needed to fill in knowledge gaps. Write a 23 page paper that covers the following topics:
Describe your lab experiences related to access controlsand authentication systems available for use in organizations to protect information assets.
Analyze the security characteristics of commonly used file systems.
Explain how access control lists play a role in a layered network security strategy.
Explain the security benefits available through domain separation, process isolation, resource encapsulation, and least privilege.
At the end of your paper, also include lab screenshots from u01v1 and u02v1.
Additional Requirements
Your assignment should also meet the following requirements:
Written communication:Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting:Your paper should demonstrate current APA style and formatting.
Number of resources:Include a minimum of threeresources, appropriately cited throughout your paper and in your reference list.
Suggested length:23 pages, typed and double-spaced, not including the title page and reference list.
Font and font size:Times New Roman, 12 point.


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