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Animal Farm

Paper on Animal Farm
· The margins should be 1” top, bottom, left, and right.
· Type in Times New Roman 12 font
· Double-space
· In a heading and on separate lines in the upper left-hand corner of the 1st page, put your name, Mrs. Shue, English 1102, and the date the paper is due. This appears only on the first page of the paper
· On the 1st page of the essay, insert the page number in the upper right-hand corner. Then, type your last name before the page # and skip a space. Your last name and the page # should be in the upper right-hand corner of every page.
· Have a Works Cited as the last page of the paper.
· Select one of the topics below or create one of your own.  You must write about Animal Farm .
· The paper, excluding the Works Cited page, should be between four and six (4-6) full pages (1,800+ words).
· The essay should incorporate a minimum of four (4) secondary sources. Three of these sources must be literary criticism from Research Databases through the GSU library. One may be from the Internet, but it must be of academic quality.  You may not use Wikipedia, Spark Notes, enotes, etc. as one of your sources.  Research Databases provide the best secondary sources.
· While you may use the Bible, historical documents (Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc), and dictionary definitions, these do not count as part of your required 4 sources. They should still be included on the Works Cited page, though.
· Expect and plan for your paper to be more than five paragraphs. Having only five paragraphs will negatively impact your grade.
· Make sure you don’t simply summarize the work. You need to analyze it.  Assume your paper’s reader has already read the primary source.
· Follow the MLA format for parenthetical citation and Works Cited pages.
· Remember that even one occurrence of plagiarism, whether intentional or unintentional, results in a failing grade, so be very accurate with your documentation.  Document or set up a chain of knowledge for all sentences that contain quotes and paraphrases.
· When you write about literature, use present tense.
· Correct grammar, spelling, and strong content are also very important and thus are factored into the grade.
· As you work on your paper, save it to two different places. Computer or storage device failure of any kind does not justify the lateness of your paper.
· After you submit the paper, you need to look at the originality report and fix any plagiarism. You may submit your paper to College as many times as you like until the due date and time.
· Papers turned 24 hours after they’re due will receive a five-point penalty. After that, each day the paper is late, it will receive a ten-point penalty.
· Write a new paper.  Do not re-work a past paper that you wrote for this or any other class.
· Do not copy part or all of a paper from the internet.
· The paper counts 25% of your final course grade.
Possible Topics:
You may create your own topic or combine or modify one of the topics below. You must write about Animal Farm, though. Please do not choose a historical topic like Napoleon as Stalin and Snowball as Trotsky because all of your paper will be from sources, which is not the point of a research paper.
1. Examine one or more of the themes of the novel.
2. Explore how the novel is dystopian.
3. Contrast the ideas of the rebellion against Jones with the reality of life on Animal Farm by the end of the novel.
4. Analyze a number of different ways that Orwell reveals the ignorance of the working class and the ruling class’ exploitation of this ignorance.
5. Analyze how Napoleon is a round character.
6. Analyze Boxer.
7. Trace how the pigs become more human-like as the novel progresses. Why does Orwell have them make this change?
8. What are the qualities of the corrupt leaders of the novel? What is Orwell saying through these corrupt leaders?
9. Contrast Napoleon’s and Snowball’s leadership qualities and style of management.
10. How do the seven commandments evolve during the novel, and what do these changes reveal about the pigs?
11. Analyze how the names Jones, Napoleon, Boxer, and Squealer are symbolic of their characteristics.
12. Explore how the characters and the farm as a whole reflect human nature.
13. Explore the roles that the different humans play in the novel.
14. Language plays an important role in the novel. Analyze how Old Major, the sheep, Squealer, and Napoleon use language to manipulate the other animals.
15. Analyze how peer pressure is used in the novel
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