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Analysis Approach (What was done; describe the population/subjects, methods, type of research; statistics used, etc.)

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The effects of a Terminal Illness on Patient Mental Health Paper Outline

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The effects of a Terminal Illness on Patient Mental Health Paper Outline

I. Introduction

· The topic of concern is essential with regard to the healthcare wellbeing of the people. There is a need to assess and determine the correlation between terminal ailments and patients’ mental health.

· The paper aims to explore and evaluate mental health issues implicated due to terminal illness.

· The research paper provides an evaluation of five articles for inference, which happens to be peer-reviewed.

II. Literature Review

a. Terminal ailments tend to predispose patients to health complications that make life miserable. Miserable or grief attributed to illnesses tends to attribute and predispose patients with terminal ailments to mental health problems.

b. The paper seeks to outline specific terminal ailments and particular results from mental health problems.

c. Some evident key terms include (terminal ailment, cancer, depression, anxiety, mental health, delirium) 

III. Analysis Approach (What was done; describe the population/subjects, methods, type of research; statistics used, etc.)

a) Evangelos Dimitra, Dimitroula, Konstantinos, Dimitra, Maria, and Ioanna

· The researchers conducted a cross-sectional study, and a quantitative type of research was deployed.

b) Abed, Hossein, Rahmatollah, Seyed, Gholamali, and Yaser

· Deployed qualitative research method and convenience sampling method was administered in correcting data.

c) Puigpinós-Riera, Graells-Sans, Serral, Continente, Bargalló, Doménech, & Vidal

· A mixed research method was administered for collecting data for the study.

d) Alice, Patricia, Cheryl Holt, Alonzo, Alexander, McManus, Basin‐Enguist

· A qualitative research study methodology was deployed.

· Focus groups were used in data collection.

e) Nuworza, Anna and Oppong

· A cross-sectional survey method was deployed to facilitate data collection.

IV. Results

a) Evangelos Dimitra, Dimitroula, Konstantinos, Dimitra, Maria, and Ioanna

· The research showed that 1in every 3 participants had depression and anxiety, while moderate religiosity and resilience were noted. A positive correlation between resilience and religion was evident, and no correlation regarding depression, symptom burden, and anxiety.

b) Abed, Hossein, Rahmatollah, Seyed, Gholamali, and Yaser

· The research negatively correlated religious, existential, mental, wellbeing, and death anxiety for patients with breast cancer. Psychological components were essential quality and healthy lives of cancer patients, and those factors should be incorporated in management plans.

c) Puigpinós-Riera, Graells-Sans, Serral, Continente, Bargalló, Doménech, & Vidal

The article finding indicated that 15% of the participants had depression-related problems while 48.6% had anxiety-related issues. The research also showed age, poverty, low emotional support, and social isolation as risk factors, and hence treatment ought to address the mentioned risk factors for breast cancer patients.

d) Alice, Patricia, Cheryl Holt, Alonzo, Alexander, McManus, Basin‐Enguist

The article findings indicate that God’s role is evident in breast cancer patients (s). Also, African-American women’s strength was their healthiest thing. It was apparent that participatory and community outreach programs, which spiritual and culturally sensitive, were essential in addressing patient needs.

e) Nuworza, Anna and Oppong

The study findings indicate that access to information and health literacy has indirect impacts (depression and anxiety) regarding breast cancer patients’ quality of life. A patient’s quality of life is directly influenced by health literacy.

V. Discussion (how results contribute to knowledge in the field, e.g., compare results to literature)

· a. Heading for discussion

· The authors have put great effort in unearthing the correlation between terminal ailments, particularly breast cancer, and mental health, specifically anxiety and depression. Authors have indicated sufficient evidence that terminal illness contributes to mental problems. For instance, one in every three breast cancer patients suffered anxiety.

· b. gaps in the research

The research presented by the article may not have applied harmonized approach in identifying participants; hence it might reflect actual values.

· c. overall strengths and weaknesses of the research articles

The strength of the research is that it’s evidence-based hence finding supported by proven factors.

· d. Needed future work in the field

Future work needs to address the accuracy of the data, given that qualitative research relies on expressed facts that are difficult to prove.

V. Conclusions

a) The study has sort of unearthing the terminal illness (breast cancer) effects on patients mental health (depression and anxiety)

b) The research had indicates that terminal illness, breast cancer contributes to mental problems, anxiety, and depression by a third. Also, 15% of the participants had depression-related problems, while 48.6% had anxiety-related issues.

c) The research passes across the implication that terminal ailment attribute to mental health problems to a great extent.

d) Based on the five articles, medical practitioners ought to develop psychological based intervention approaches to address the risk factors attributed to breast cancer.


Fradelos, E. C., Latsou, D., Mitsi, D., Tsaras, K., Lekka, D., Lavdaniti, M., & Papathanasiou, I. V. (2018). Assessment of the relation between religiosity, mental health, and psychological resilience in breast cancer patients. Contemporary Oncology, 22(3), 172.

Mahdavi, A., Jenaabadi, H., Mosavimoghadam, S. R., Langari, S. S. S., Lavasani, M. G., & Madani, Y. (2019). Relationship between Mental, Existential, and Religious Well-being and Death Anxiety in Women with Breast Cancer. Archives of Breast Cancer, 29-34.

Puigpinós-Riera, R., Graells-Sans, A., Serral, G., Continente, X., Bargalló, X., Doménech, M., & Vidal, E. (2018). Anxiety and depression in women with breast cancer: Social and clinical determinants and social network influence and social support (DAMA cohort). Cancer Epidemiology, 55, 123-129.

Yan, A. F., Stevens, P., Holt, C., Walker, A., Ng, A., McManus, P., & Wang, M. Q. (2019). Culture, identity, strength, and spirituality: A qualitative study to understand experiences of African American women breast cancer survivors and recommendations for intervention development. European journal of cancer care, 28(3), e13013.

Kugbey, N., Meyer-Weitz, A., & Asante, K. O. (2019). Access to health information, health literacy and health-related quality of life among women living with breast cancer: Depression and anxiety as mediators. Patient education and counseling, 102(7), 1357-1363.
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