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Discussion: Rings, Moons and Water
For this week’s group discussion I’d like for you to find articles and ask questions related to one (or both!) of the two topics below, both of which are relevant to Lessons 6 and 7. There is no linked activity to go along with this discussion.  The activity is separate this week.
Once you’ve made a decision you should contribute at least two unique, significant facts for your unique threads that you learned about from your chosen articles on the subject. The facts should be new – in other words, the facts you present should not have already been presented in the lecture presentations or in your required text readings. You are able to see other students’ posts before you make your own, meaning you should read through and make sure that the facts you are contributing are unique and have not already been stated by someone else. You should support your facts using/citing documents and articles found in other textbooks, on the internet, or in science-related magazines. Asking a relevant and thoughtful question on the subject is also a fantastic way to contribute to the discussion.
Topic 1: Saturn’s Rings and Shepherd Moons
The Cassini Mission, which you’ll hear a lot about this week and next, and has provided us with the stunningly gorgeous images of Saturn and its system of satellites.  It ended spectacularly in 2017 when it plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere.  There have been several recent publications about the end of this long and successful mission, and a lot of new articles on what it taught us, along with new stunning images that reveal significant details about this beautiful system.  Please find one of those articles, or a related one on Saturn’s rings and/or shepherd moons, and come up with a good question or discussion post to contribute this week.
Topic 2: Water in Asteroids – The Origin of Earth’s Water
You have heard a lot so far about the ice and water content of objects out beyond the Snow Line in our Solar System.  A question a lot of scientists have been asking is how did all this water get to Earth?  Where did it come from?  The obvious answer is that it was delivered from beyond the Snow Line, but from where exactly?  We think the answer boils down to two sources – comets or asteroids!  Both are “wet” and both as you will see can be delivered to Earth.  I’d like for you to find an article (or several) that discuss possible origins of Earth’s water and use it to contribute to this weeks discussion.  This one ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. ) is a good example of articles you’ll want to read.  You may want to check out articles on the Rosetta Mission ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. ) as well because we landed on a comet to answer those questions!!
Submission Instructions
To submit an Initial Post: Click the reply link immediately below these instructions and type a very short TITLE or TOPIC on the first line. Please use ALL CAPS when doing this.  Typing the topic in all caps (eg. STEP 1; IMAGE SELECTION; etc.) on the first line of A NEW POST THREAD, your post will make it possible for everyone to quickly identify the topic or step in the procedure you are referring to.
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