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3.3 Discussion: IT Governance
1. Conduct a critical analysis of two of your classmates’ posts and submit by the last day of the workshop.
2. Each response to your classmates should be at least 150 words in length and include a citation to one credible information source. The response citation should follow APA formatting.
Peer Review 1:
COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology. It is a framework created by ISACA for IT governance and management. This supportive tool allows managers to bridge the crucial gap between technical issues, business risks, and control requirements. It is a control model that guarantees the integrity of the information system.
The COBIT helps in preparing professionals for the global challenges to the business IT process other than that it also delivers adequate amount of useful and expertise information on:
· IT management issues and how they can affect organizations
· Principles of IT governance and enterprise IT while establishing the differences between management and governance
· Accessing the ways in which COBIT processes can help the establishment of the five basic principles along with other enablers
The various components of COBIT include:
· Framework: IT helps to organize the objectives and best practices of IT governance
· Process Descriptions: This include planning, building, running, and monitoring of all IT processes.
· Control Objectives: This provides a complete list of requirements for effective IT business control.
· Maturity Models: Accesses the maturity and the capability of every process while addressing the gaps.
· Management Guidelines: Helps in better assigning responsibilities, measuring performances, agreeing on common objectives.
ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is another approach like COBIT. It’s a framework designed to standardize how information technology (IT) services are selected, planned, delivered and supported.
ITIL and CBIT deal with the management and governance of IT. ITSM (IT Service Management) is an element of ITIL and COBIT focused on management of services. In addition, there are various software packages and service offerings that facilitate ITSM. ServiceNow BMC’s Remedy are examples.
Traditional IT governance typically focuses on a command-and-control, documentation-based approach. Teams are expected to adopt and then follow corporate standards and guidelines, to produce consistent artifacts, and to have those artifacts reviewed and accepted through a quality process.
Lean IT governance, on the other hand, is a lightweight approach to IT governance that is based on motivating and enabling IT professionals to do what is best for your organization. Lean IT governance strives to find lightweight, collaborative strategies to address governance areas. It does this by focusing on risk mitigation, not on artifact generation, by leading people not by commanding them, and by enabling people by making the “right things to do” the “easy things to do”.
Some Ways to improve the Governance plan are as under.
· Increase Diversity.
· Appoint Competent Board Members.
· Ensure Timely Information.
· Prioritize Risk Management.
· Evaluate Board Performance
Peer Review 2:
IT governance refers to a critical issue for the federal government and the integral part and role it serves within organizational strategic planning. The concept of IT governance involves making decisions in a repeatable manner as a way of supporting investments. Its goals are to mainly ensure that IT investments generate business value while at the same time mitigating IT tasks. Thus, it affects the extent and degree to which an organization will value its various investments (Tawafak et al.,2020). On the other hand, COBIT provides an understandable, repeatable, reliable, and robust methodology capable of assessing IT processes’ capability. It also provides an excellent opportunity for IT service process governance. The other governance framework that compares to COBIT is ITIL scope since both foci on information technology systems management. However, the scope of COBIT tends to be broader than that of ITIL. ITIL helps with aligning IT services with the various needs of the business (Gërvalla et al.,2018). IT governance tries to align business objectives with IT strategy to deliver business value in an organization. On the other hand, a standard governance framework entails how an organization maintains security, complies with security policies, and at the same time meets ethical standards when it comes to managing information (Gregory et al.,2018). The various ways that can help improve governance include increasing diversity in the organization since, in most cases, corporate boards suffer from a severe lack of diversity. Secondly, putting in place a competent board of members is very important for improving governance. This is because such members will understand what is required hence make changes where applicable. Besides, ensuring timely information is very important as this also allows information to flow in the right way and to the right people. Finally, prioritizing risk management will also play a significant role in the process of improving governance.
4.1 Assignment: Devotional
1. Review the material in the “Getting Started” section above, and read Psalm 11:5, Genesis 6:5, and Romans 8:1–3.
2. Be sure to address the following prompts in your paper:
a. The Bible states that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Reflect on the aforementioned verses. What should our response be to the need for forgiveness?
b. Is there a way out of our sinful behaviors even in how people behave in their interactions in cyberspace?
3. Your paper should be at least 250 words in length.
4.2 Discussion: Article Reading
1. Select and read two articles from the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the United States Department of Justice website.
a. These should be substantive articles. Do not select any PowerPoint presentations.
b. The article needs to cover the subject area of cyberlaw or cybercrime.
2. In the discussion link below, respond to the following questions:
a. What was the most useful takeaway for you from this workshop’s reading?
b. What concept from the reading is the most applicable to you now in your profession, and how might you implement it?
4.3 Assignment: Research Paper—Phase 2 of Final Project
1. Select and read two articles from the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the United States Department of Justice website.  You will write a paper that synthesizes the articles. The following prompts will need to be addressed in your paper:
a. Summarize each article by providing an overview and how the article content applies to the issue of cyberlaw or cybercrime.
b. Who does the article apply to? What protection, if any, is afforded by the article’s contents? Who and what is impacted?
c. How would the content be applied in a technology environment?
2. Remember, the paper will evaluate both articles you read. Also, provide one or two references to other articles that support your summary for each of the main articles.
3. The paper needs to be a minimum of 1,000 words (double-spaced) for each article (a total of a minimum of 2,000 words), not including the cover page, abstract, and the reference page(s).
4. You may include graphs or figures, but the word count of the narrative must be maintained. Provide as a minimum the reference for each main article and one or two credible references. Any additional resources used for your response must also be referenced. The paper must be written in APA style.
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