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3 Day Dietary Analysis

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EXSC 2140
3 Day Dietary Analysis
You will be conducting a 3 day dietary analysis over 3 consecutive days. One of the days must be a weekend. You are to record your dietary intakes (foods/drinks consumed) and record any physical activity. For your Dietary analysis please complete a write-up covering these 12 questions that focus on a few areas. You may include any other information you feel is important. Your write up should be typed and double spaced and submitted onto canvas. In addition to your write up you must include the results/report of your 3-day dietary analysis. Remember to record any activity you do as well. YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR DIETARY REPORTS AS WELL IN ORDER TO RECEIVE ANY CREDIT FOR THIS PROJECT!!! THE 8 REPORTS YOU MUST SUBMIT ARE: THE ALL NUTRIENTS SPREADSHEET, FOOD LIST RESPORT, MY PLATE REPORT, RECOMMENDATIONS REPORT, ENERGY BALANCE REPORT, CALORIE AND FAT SOURCES, CALORIE ASSESSMENT, AND ACTIVITY SUMMARY REPORT. Submitting the reports is worth 25 points for this assignment.
8 reports submitted: 25 points total (10 pts deducted if one report missing; 20 deducted if 3 or more missing)
Questions 1 is worth 3 pts
Question 2 – 12 are worth 5 pts each (Be detailed in your answers for full credit)
Question 13 is worth 12 points (Be as detailed as you can when answering for full credit)
Grammar and spelling is worth 5 points
1.View your total calories and record the average number of calories and the % of goal.
2. Click on “Calories” and then examine your calorie intake for breakfast, lunch, dinner and
snacks for each individual day. Record your results by creating a table. (2 points will be deducted if no table)
3. Examine your caloric intake for each meal and snack. Can you identify any trends in your eating patterns? Do you consume the majority of your calories from snacks or meals? Which meals and snack contributed the greatest number of calories? What foods do you regularly consume that are high in calories? What foods do you regularly consume that are low in calories? Was there any particular food item that surprised you in regards to its calorie content? Record your observations in your write-up.
4. How is your caloric intake distributed throughout the day? Do you need to adjust your caloric intake so that it is more evenly distributed throughout the day? Yes or No. If yes, what
can you change to more evenly distribute calories throughout the day? If no, explain why it does not need adjusted.
It is pretty well split evenly with breakfast at an average of 244 calories, lunch at an average
of 352 calories, dinner at an average of 491, and snacks at an average of 255. I would say
that I do need to lower my calorie intake later in the day. I tend to do my snacking at night
so I don’t have a chance to burn some of those calories. I would like to see lunch as my big
meal and then a light dinner.
5. Clearly show the number of grams of Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins and your %goal. Do you consume at least the recommended RDA for each? Also look at your dietary fiber, did your meet the suggested amount for men and women?
6. Examine your Carbohydrates for each meal and snack. Can you identify any trends in your eating
patterns? Do you consume the majority of your carbs from snacks or meals? Which meals contribute the most carbs to your diet? What foods do you regularly consume with carbs?
7. Examine your total fat, sat fat, mono fat, poly fat and cholesterol intake for each meal and
snack. Can you identify any trends in your eating patterns? Do you consume most of your fat from snacks or meals? What foods do you regularly eat with saturated fat? What are some better food choices you could make?
8. Examine your protein for each meal and snack. Can you identify any trends in your eating patterns? Do you consume the majority of your protein from snacks or meals? Which meals contribute the most protein to your diet? What foods do you regularly consume with protein?
9. Look at your vitamins and minerals how do you feel you are doing in regards to meeting those needs?
10. How much sodium are you consuming throughout the day? Are you above the recommendation? Are there any foods you consumed that were high in sodium? What are ways you could help reduce your sodium intake?
11. How are you doing meeting the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) physical activity (PA) recommendations (refer to chapter 11)? If you are below the recommendations what are ways you could increase your levels of activity? If you are meeting the ACSM guidelines explain how you intend to maintain this. When doing this analysis how much exercise did you achieve over the 3 days?
12. Based on your own personal goals of either, losing weight, maintaining weight or gaining weight do you feel that your caloric balance is sufficient for your goal? If not, what are some things that you could change to help with your goals? If you feel that your caloric balance is sufficient explain how.
13. Overall, how do you feel about your 3 day dietary analysis? Did the results surprise you (explain why or why not)? What are some dietary changes you could make to improve your overall health or maintain your current health? Think back to variety, balance and moderation in regards to the three key principles to a healthy, nutritious diet. Do you feel that your nutrient intakes are of variety, balance and moderation? Also, are you consuming all of the food groups?
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