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1. The combination of antecedent and consequent units that make a larger whole is called the   …

  1. The combination of antecedent and consequent units that make a larger whole is called the   …

  1. The combination of antecedent and consequent units that make a larger whole is called the   A. theme and variations form.   B. full cadence.   C. periodic phrase structure.   D. punctuation.     2. Which instrument is part of a piano trio?   A. violin.   B. viola.   C. flute.   D. harp.     3. The third movement of a symphony is usually written in _______ form.   A. ABA   B. ABCD   C. ABC   D. ABCA     4. When both instruments play the same notes together, in unison, that is called   A. polyphony.   B. monophony.   C. homophony.   D. heterophony.     5. The repetition (AA), variation (AA’), and contrast (AB) of a piece of music are all part of the music’s   A. genre.   B. form.   C. texture.   D. timbre.     6. One of the key components of the double-exposition concerto form is the   A. cadenza.   B. theme.   C. chorale.   D. single exposition.     7. When we hear three or more notes played simultaneously, we’re hearing a   A. chord.   B. polyphonic texture.   C. monophonic line.   D. melody     8. The music of the Baroque period is usually characterized by   A. clarity and lightness.   B. restraint and reverence.   C. extravagance and ornamentation.   D. simplicity and elegance.     9. The Italian word for “prayer hall,” which refers to a piece of music that includes recitatives, arias, and choruses, is   A. opera.   B. operetta.   C. opera buffa.   D. oratorio.     10. A _______ is a type of folk song that tells a story.   A. hoedown   B. ballad   C. broadside   D. canon     11. Which of the following is the name for the main tune in jazz?   A. Stanza   B. Sequence   C. Improvisation   D. Head     12. A/an _______ is a work that sets new words to an existing melody.   A. appropriation   B. scoring   C. orchestration   D. contrafactum     13. The estampie and the saltarello are two forms of   A. African musical instruments.   B. medieval dances.   C. syllabic text-setting.   D. Italian musical instruments.     14. The dactylic meter of poetry corresponds to the _______ in music.   A. bar form   B. duple meter   C. triple meter   D. measure     15. The third movement of the sonata form is referred to as the   A. variation.   B. recapitulaton.   C. finale.   D. cadenza.     16. When the singers and band repeat a basic section of music while the lead singer improvises on a single motif, the result is called a   A. vamp.   B. groove.   C. hook.   D. twist.     17. Henri wants to indicate in the musical score that all the instruments should play. What word will he write in the score?   A. All   B. Da Capo   C. Tutti   D. Coda     18. Word painting is a technique commonly used by composers of   A. plainsong.   B. program music.   C. madrigals.   D. suites.     19. An example of a percussion instrument is the   A. clarinet.   B. shawm.   C. trumpet.   D. piano.     20. Alphonsus wants to include unified timbre in part of his cantata. How will this be accomplished?   A. The violins will have a solo and will all play harmony notes.   B. The instruments in the orchestra will play the same notes that the chorus is singing.   C. The orchestra will play in unison while the chorus sings in harmony.   D. The chorus will sing in unison while the orchestra plays an accompaniment.     21. Which of the following is a traditional Indian instrument?   A. Sitar   B. Pipa   C. Ud   D. Tombak     22. An example of African American syncretism is   A. rhyme singing.   B. treble singing.   C. call-and-response.   D. a capella chorale.     23. Eldon says that Berry Gordy founded Motown records to produce big band recording artists. Will says that Gordy founded Motown to produce R&B musicians. Who is correct?   A. Only Will is correct.   B. Both Eldon and Will are correct.   C. Only Eldon is correct.   D. Neither Eldon nor Will is correct.     24. Gottschalk’s Union is an example of _______ as an attempt to connect purely instrumental music with the wider world of events and ideas.   A. lieder   B. art songs   C. modernism   D. program music     25. “Erlkönig” is one of the hundreds of songs written by   A. Haydn.   B. Chopin.   C. Schumann.   D. Schubert.     26. A _______ scale consists of five tones.   A. pentatonic   B. shaded   C. major   D. monotonic     27. Julio wants the chorus to sing a section of music very softly. What will Julio write in that section to convey his wishes?   A. p   B. f   C. pp   D. mp     28. A synthesis of Chinese musical elements and European-American idioms is found in   A. Cherry Blossom.   B. Glass’s etudes.   C. Tan Dun’s “Farewell.”   D. The Reunion.     29. The unique quality of Mendelssohn’s overture to the sonata form in A Midsummer Night’s Dream is that the   A. exposition isn’t repeated.   B. length is expanded.   C. development is exaggerated.   D. development is minimal.     30. When two voices sing exactly the same note simultaneously, the voices are singing   A. a capella.   B. in unison.   C. a doto.   D. a cadenci.     31. Which of the following was typically used in the symphonic finale in the Classical Era?   A. Rondo   B. Fugue   C. Minuet   D. Tremolo     32. A _______ is a duple-meter dance associated with square-dancing.   A. broadside   B. stomp   C. corrido   D. hoe-down     33. Which one of the following represents one of the most important elements of sonata form?   A. Development of themes   B. Use of word painting   C. Doctrine of affects   D. Use of Latin texts     34. The text of an opera, which literally means “little book” in Italian, is called the   A. buffa.   B. vibrato.   C. libretto.   D. program.     35. Baroque composers considered the _______ to be the touchstone of their art.   A. concerto   B. fugue   C. minuet   D. recitative     36. The Broadway musical is descended from the   A. oratorio.   B. recitative.   C. aria.   D. operetta.   37. A repeated musical pattern in a composition is called a/an   A. homorhythm.   B. kebyar.   C. monotone.   D. ostinato.     38. At the start of the String Quartet in F Major, op. 96, Dvo?ák begins with a _______ pattern using a second violin and cello.   A. contrast and variation   B. polytonal   C. call-and-response   D. stream of consciousness     39. The text pattern of Robert Johnson’s “Terraplane Blues” is typical of songs in the   A. 12-bar blues.   B. blue-note melody.   C. 8-to-the-bar pattern.   D. European classical tradition.     40. Which one of the following is an example of an oratorio?   A. Coronaton of Poppea   B.The Four Seasons   C. Cantata no. 97   D. Messiah

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